The Trains we did Classic trains that we spent far too much time on!


87002 with the last G21 in Dec 06, this train was probably the last service train a good few of us spent far too much time on..

37083240884..jpg The 1638 Waterloo - Teovil remembered, Part One, 87 different Cromptons, memories and consist gen

37083240884..jpg Lickey climbs 1972-2006, 31 different Lickey climbs, some good, some bad, most atmospheric!

29018527054r.jpg More 1S81 2050 Carlisle - Perth memories, Thanks to Jeff Hawken for his cracking gen!

29018527054r.jpg More 1S81 2050 Carlisle - Perth memories, Thanks to Ady Bullock and Steve Kemp for thier additional gen on S81, includes 25011 and 26003!

04061867005webr.jpg Highland line memories 1958-2020, Phots, gen, memories and a few failures on the wonderful Highland line 1958-2020

14088247125webr.jpg 1M86 the 1110 FO Truro - Manchester 1979-83, Thanks to Steve Kemp for such detailed gen on 1M86

29018527054r.jpg More 1S81 2050 Carlisle - Perth memories, Thanks to Ady Bullock for his additional gen on S81, includes an xos 26!

01111347580r.jpg 1E16 the 1710 Liverpool - Newcastle remembered. Part One the 70's with detailed logs of the many 40's, 45's, 46's and 47's that worked. Plus the odd 37 and 55!

28057737185webr.jpg The 1810 Swansea - Carmarthen remembered. Many Gowerton leaps behind umpteen South Wales "steamers" like 37190

24078240177r.jpg 1M59 and 1E86 remembered. Classic North Wales coast 40 hauled services. Proper trains!

28058731280.jpg 1B09 remembered. The 1814 Euston - Northampton 1982-1990, phots, memories and detailed gen of the 130 plus locos that worked this "Cobbler"

21088627052.jpg The "Fife circle" including Cardenden and Cowdenbeath loco hauled. Gen and phots from 1979-2016

29078425051fullweb.jpg 1F90 a SuO Euston - Liverpool relief from May 84 - Detailed memories, gen and phots of a relief train that got class 25,40,45,47,85 and 86 locally

28088340150.jpg 1G06 1425 Manchester - Brum remembered featuring phots of 40001/40104/40126/40129/40135/40150/40192 and much 1983-1985 nostalgia

17089026038mo.jpg Angus loco hauled, Summer 90 - Memories, phots and gen on the 1712 Dundee- Montose and 1808 return

27018527055lain.jpg The "Lairg papers" remembered - Part One- A winter move with gen and phots

1B66remimager.jpg 1B66 and all that, the "Cambridge Buffet Express" remembered, memories and much gen of this classic train

040276clansmanlabelr.jpg Phots and gen of Clansman moves incl 26009,47467,87009 and the Strome "rat", plus more Clansman detail

22120687002etnr.jpg The last G21 remembered, the last 87 hauled service train Dec 2006

11059086401mkar.jpg The last NSE Euston - Northampton "Cobbler", phots and gen of the very last day May 1990

02058585014.jpg 1A76 remembered, 1A76 load 5 mk i's on the 1730 Brum-Euston remembered

24111225057hr.jpg 2A23/1A23/1A02 remembered, The "milk empties" remembered, steaming rats, roaring beasts in the dead of the night, 2A23 the stuff of local legends

28128581022neg1350cretr.jpg 1K09 remembered, "1K09 "The Crewe" remembered, a rare "fish" working, phots , much gen and memories of a short lived classic WCML train

21088626025r.jpg The Kirkcaldys remembered, Detailed gen on the intense "teacup" action on the Kirkcaldys, also phots and a few speed logs from events yes 25 years ago.

25078127043r.jpg 2B01 the 0110 Glasgow - Oban overnight remembered, Detailed gen, a 2B01 move and phot of this long lost overnight West Highland train

29018527054r.jpg 1S81 2050 Carlisle - Perth remembered, Detailed gen, S81 memories, g - force acceleration and much more!

13068125184r.jpg 2B05/2A39 classic GSW trains remembered, Detailed gen, the rarely featured Maybole move and more, ta to "GJ"

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