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The "Leighton logs" first started in 2002 and has grown with the amount of available material we have put out over the years. We now have a web team of all ages and varied interests supplying material which has seen the "logs" grow to a "unique" local site status!..

We welcome contributions and feedback to the "logs". File sizes up to 4.3mg seem fine, although all images on the logs are reduced down to speed up the web displays and discourage copying without permission.

Our coverage extends well beyond the Leighton area, we have featured views from Egpyt and even Syria to date but the majority of user feedback is normally on our classic "localish" 1970 and 80s views.

Afraid you fans of "Voyagers", "Pendolinos" and "sheds" wont find much interest in the Leighton logs as they are of little interest to our readers, except when they fail!

We also welcome loco histories, in fact any old and current gen. Most material will be used and we always credit the supplier. I am in the process of building a huge local database of all known localish unusual workings from 1957 onwards, so every snippet helps.

In October 2015 we began to realise that the 20 hours per week we were spending keeping the "logs" topical, entertaining and a good archive source was becoming a burden. So the "logs" are generally updated just monthly now and principally covering archive data only. However even a working from yesterday will soon become archive material so pls keep the gen flowing!.

Email us initially at nickleightonlogsAThotmail.co.uk

Swap AT for @.

About your webmaster - "A desperate old fool!!!!". "SCFC are magic!.

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