2 local "lasts" in one night,  Friday May 4th 1990

Since 1982 2-3 local enthusiasts had done the "Evening Cobblers" most evenings. It was "roarer" action we wanted and despite the limited mileage, the likes of 81012 roaring out of Leighton and screaming through Linslade tunnel and beyond it was great fun. By May 4th 1990 there was just over a week of any hauled "Cobbler" action left and with just 2 trains each evening peak  and only one of these stopping at Leighton, interest had began to wane as "cans" were now totally dominant on the evening Cobblers. Still i had a very enthusiastic  3  year old son who obviously enjoyed the action, whatever was up front.

After work i leapt off the Leyland National 70 bus from Dunstable and with said youngster , we awaited 1N51. This 1722 Euston - Bletchley hauled "Cobbler" stopped  at Leighton and was a "solid can". On a sunny evening there was a huge surprise and much cheering as totally unexpectedly the big yellow front of a "roarer" came round the corner at Leighton with 1N51. The power was 85037 not long off ATP tests and it was great to be aboard probably the last ever "roarer" to work off Leighton. Just 6.4 miles of sentimental memories ended at Bletchley..

A unit forward to Milton Keynes to cover 1N57 1814 Euston - Northampton first stop. Assuming they were very short of power (as buckled rails in the Berkswell area was causing chaos) we hoped for another "roarer" on 1N57. 86240 then arrived! We did this to Northampton anyway and a long wait followed for a unit home due the buckled rail problems.

An "additional train to Bletchley" was then announced and then were staggered to see a 304 "dinosaur" unit arrive. Whilst these were still regular enough visitors to Northampton we expected a unit swap at Northampton. No swap, we piled on to enjoy 304028 bucking and roaring through Roade and beyond! A half hoped for through run to Euston ended with the 304 terminated at Bletchley. At Bletchley the station staff tried to wind up the "dino's" guard by telling him they were putting it through the wash and he'd have to shut the many open windows on the unit!.  There was still staff humour on the railway of 1990.

 A forwarding 321 eventually got us home close to 10 o'clock which obviously didnt go down too well arriving back at home hours late, but did we care!!!!

The moves - 040590 Friday

85037  1N51 -1722 Euston - Bletchley - L.Buzzard - Bletchley

321410  1706 Euston - M.Keynes - Bletchley - M.Keynes

86240  1N57 - 1814 Euston - Northampton - M.Keynes - Northampton<

304028  1936 Birmingham - Bletchley Addit - Northampton - Bletchley

321420  2130 M.Keynes - Euston - Bletchley - L.Buzzard 

Phot spot...

Coming straight from work no camera that evening unfortunately but heres 85037 at Tunnel Hill (just North of Leighton) a few weeks later on a footex..



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