Inter City diesel day remembered, Sunday May 21st 1989

An unforgettable day on the Midland, with thanks to “60A” for these classic views from the Wellinborough area

210589560171T090955leicesterstpr.jpg Midland “grid” and a Romanian one too!, 56017 heads 1T09 0955 Leicester-St Pancras South

21058933021n330221T101110leicstpr.jpg The “Leyland” factory forms the backdrop to 33021 and 33022 with 1T10 1110 Leicester-St Pancras

210589370581T111040stpleicesterr.jpg “Split box” on the Midland, 37058 heads 1T11 1040 St Pancras-Leicester North

21058920228n201451T111255leicesterspr.jpg  20228 and 20145 on 1T12 1255 Leicester - St Pancras

21058920145n202281T141555stpleicesterr.jpg Unforgettable!, 20145 and 20228 whistle past Wellinborough yard with 1T14 1555 St Pancras-Leicester

What a day!, Link to more Inter City diesel days memories and phots here


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