81016 to 81020 Phots

81016 Phots

09128281016oldlinwebr.jpg 81016 was working a heavily delayed 1S18 2255(8/12) Euston - Glasgow when she hit track panels that had fallen from an up freight in Linslade tunnel. This derailed the loco and stock, 81016 colliding with a bridge stantion before careering on a furthur 100 yards before stopping. The impact tragically killed the driver and several passengers were injured. An officila BR photograph of the derailment early on December 9th 2018, 5 hours after the horrorific derailment. Thanks to Neil Evans for the photo

81016091282crash1offr.jpg Another official BR photograph of 81016 after her horrific derailment on December 9th 1982. Thanks to Neil Evans for the photo


10128281016br.jpg A day later on December 10th 1982 and the wrecked 81016 is back on the rails. She has had a replacement front wheelset and is wheelskated and awaits a tow North

10128208235n81016webr.jpg As the light fades on December 10th 1982 Bletchley pilot 08235 is coupled to 81016 to later haul her to Bletchley TMD. The loco was later turned here on the Bletchley triangle to allow her to be dragged North to Crewe Works for assesment

088381016webr.jpg A twisted frame spelt doom for 81016 and is seen here in Crewe Works prior to stripping and a final cut at Crewe Works melt shop. An N.Ross collection image taken on June 5th 1983


81017 Phots

81017b07011085r.jpg With senior railman Graham looing on 81017 arrives at Leighton Buzzard with 1B07 1718 Euston - Northampton "Cobbler" on October 1st 1985

810170387r.jpg A good detailed image of 81017 stabled at Euston's A sidings in March 87. A Neil Evans phot with thanks

81017270587r.jpg A bank holiday afternoon at Euston and unusually a Euston - Northampton ECS is running with quality power in 81017 allocated on May 27th 1987


81017230288r.jpg 81017's BR blue livery looks a little out of place amongst the Inter City stripes at Euston on February 23rd 1988. A Neil Evans phot with thanks

81017080489m16r.jpg 81017 at the blocks after working 1M16 1935 (7/4) Inverness - Euston sleeper on April 8th 1989.1M16 was always a good bet for a "roarer" even into 1989. A Neil Evans phot with thanks

81018 Phots

81018100983r.jpg 81018 takes the empties of 1G00 the infamous 0350 Crewe - Birmingham that had provided a good doss for most aboard, works out of New St on September 10th 1983

81018051085firedam180985r.jpg 81018 caught fire North of Rugby on the down btumen tanks on September 18th 1985. She is seen at Rugby sheeted over, doomed on October 5th 1985


81019 Phots

03128381019.jpg 81019 roars into Wolverhampton with 1G59 1120 Liverpool - Birmingham on December 3rd 1983

81019200583gr.jpg 81019 approaches Leighton with the Dagenham - Speke loaded cartics on May 10th 1983 at xxxxxx

81019060386r.jpg With the revised livery of 83012 in the background, 81019 awaits the road with sleeper empties on March 6th 1986

27088781019r.jpg 81019 at Carlisle with stone from Shap to Mossend on August 27th 1987

81019creweeddup1610090r.jpg Roar no more, 81019 on the Crewe ED dump on October 16th 1990.A Steve Chapman photo with thanks

81020 Phots

091065E302381020bleyr.jpg E3023 later 81020 in December 1965 approaches Bletchley with an up express. thanks to "RM web" for the photo

81020050582r.jpg 81020 stands in Carlisle's centre road on May 5th 1982. A Glenn Jones phot with thanks

81020270386r.jpg 81020 at Wolverhampton working 1H38 1750 Birmingham - Manchester on March 27th 1986

12058681020b09negwebr.jpg 81020 arrives at Leighton with 1B09 1815 Euston - Northampton on May 12th 1986

23048781020r.jpg 81020 at Crewe with the 1445 Euston - Glasgow relief onApril 23rd 1987. A Neil Evans phot with thanks

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