81011 Phots

81011070383r.jpg 81011 eases a rake of Freightliner flats through Leighton on March 7th 1983


81011170484r.jpg A battered looking 81011 at Northampton after working 1B08 1745 Euston - Northampton on April 17th 1984


81011070884r.jpg A detailed front end view of 81011 at the Keynes on August 7th 1984. A Neil Evans phot with thanks

13038781011r.jpg 81011 at Northampton after working 1B01 0925 Euston - Northampton booked the usual half rake of 6 Mk I's on March 13th 1987

14018481011n25276r.jpg 81011 brought the wires down at Ledburn whilst working a Euston - Birmingham West Ham footex on January 14th 1984. After a long delay 25276 arrived to drag the footex to Bletchley for a "can" forward most of the fans bailed at Leighton some to watch Luton at home instead!

26038381011r.jpg 81011 passes Leighton with 1L01 Manchester - Wembley footex on March 26th 1983

27058381011n86039b09webr.jpg Pairs on the "Cobblers" were rare, 86039 is dead inside (for balancing purposes) the much more impressive 81011 on 1B09 1815 Euston - Northampton on May 27th 1983

27088781011r.jpg A solid "roarer" turn, 81011 at Carlisle after having worked the Reading - Carlisle relief formed entirely of First Class TSO's on August 27th 1987


81012 Phots

13058881012lastB10r.jpg 81012 can claim many famous last workings and here is the star at Euston prior to working the last 1B10 1945 Euston - Northampton on May 13th 1988. 1B10 remaining a solid "roarer" turn till the end.

15088881012r.jpg Euston sees 81012 on Sleeper ECS and in the distance 81010 on Cobbler ECS all on August 15th 1988

81012171190r.jpg By November 1990 the Willesden customisation of its ECS locos with the return of an E prefix as seen here at Euston on November 17th 1990


21129081012bleachedecslocor.jpg 81012 was the last 81 to work the main line being confined to Euston - WN ECS duties in April 90. Bleached by many trips through the washer 81012 awaits relwease from the blocks at Euston on December 21st 1990

81013 Phots

E3015010863r.jpg Classic Stockport with E3015 (later 81013) on an Inter Regional on August 1st 1983. Phot c/o David Brown, Traction mag with thanks


01018281013r.jpg 81013 at the Keynes with 1B07 1718 Euston - Northampton on a snowy January 1st 1982. A Dave Jackson phot with thanks

08038381013r.jpg A rare view in that 81013 is very workstained passing Leighton with a mid morning up vans on March 8th 1983

81013080886r.jpg With local basher Neil Evans up front 81013 arrives at Leighton with 1B07 1718 Euston - Northampton on August 8th 1986

81013210889lwwebr.jpg 81013 at Birmingham Int'l with 1G55 0757 Liverpool - Birmingham Int'l on a sunny August 21st 1989. On running round this loco suffered a minor battery battery box fire and this was to be her last ever working, a sad end for 81013

81013n31225210889webr.jpg After suffering a battery box fire running round at Birmingham Int'l on August 21st 1989 the "fish" needed rescue from 31225. Game over for 81013 after 29 years of loyal WCML service

81013creweeddup161090r.jpg The Crewe ED dump sees 81013 awaiting the inevitable call from a South Yorkshire scrapman on October 16th 1990. 81013 was cut a year later. A Steve Chapman phot with thanks

81013prespanel040492r.jpg The battered panel of 81013 survives in Leighton and is seen here in this Bideford Green viewing on April 4th 1992

81014 Phots

31128281014r.jpg 81014 roars North with a Euston - Glasgow relief at Old Linslade on December 31st 1982

81014281285r.jpg 81014 at Crewe with 1S39 0734 Poole - Glas/Edinburgh on December 28th 1985. This was a good day for "fish" on daytime passenger with 81002, 81004 and 81022 also out

81014Crewecond121091r.jpg 81014 just a month before her last journey to a Yorkshire scrapyard is a sad sight at Crewe ED dump on October 12th 1991.A "60A" phot with thanks


81015 Phots

25078381015r.jpg 81015 was an early fire casualty but is seen here on the Dover - Mossend air braked freight at Leighton on July 25th 1983



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