81006 to 81010 Phots

81006 Phots

81006051085r.jpg 81006 on arrival at Wolverhampton with the 1440 ex Euston on October 5th 1985. Saturday afternoons such as this one often saw a "roarer" kicked out of Euston

11018681006r.jpg 81006 at Euston with an Edge Hill bound QPR footex on 11th January 1986

81006070587r.jpg Between parcels and cobbler duties "roarers" often stabled in the Northampton's bays such as seen here with 81006 obliging on May 7th 1987

81007 Phots

23018681007r.jpgA classic nighttime view of 81007 at Northampton after working 1B09 1814 Euston - Northampton on a chill January 23rd 1986

81007b02230586r.jpg A "fish" on a daytime "Cobbler". 81007 arrives at the Keynes with 1B02 1110 Euston - Northampton formed of a 6 MkI half rake as usual on May 23rd 1986. B02 rarely roared

81007n85038n81014130687r.jpgA quiet Saturday afternoon at Euston sees a classic spare road line up of 81007, 85038 and 81014 on June 13th 1987

81007090488r.jpgBy April 88 80 mph maxspeed restrictions on the 81's and a hint of sectorisation were making 81's less common. 81007 on a Saturday Cobbler on 1B06 1810 Euston - Northampton half rake saw much cheer on April 9th 1988

81007b100289r.jpg81007 became famous for her weathered paintwork in her later years and was a favourite "fish" for many as a result. 81007 is seen at Euston having been released off an ECS turn and is Willesden CS HS bound on February 10th 1989

81007200589footexr.jpg"Fish" on a Pullman. 81007 is entrusted with Pullman stock for a Liverpool - Wembley footex atOld Linslade on May 20th 1989


260889810071718manbirwebr.jpg A tired looking but sounding brilliant 81007 is seen at Manchester Piccadilly prior to working 1G66 1718 Manchester - Birmingham New St on August 26th 1989. 81007 had earlier worked 1V43 0835 Liverpool - Penzance to New St and reached Manchester on 1M37 0840 ex Paignton. Typical Summer Saturday turns

81007270889r.jpg Stabled in New St's patchy light 81007 awaits her next turn on August 27th 1989.

81007creweeddump161090r.jpg"fish 7" has worked her last, Crewe ED dump on October 16th 1990. A Steve Chapman phot with thanks.

81008 Phots

81008250882r.jpg A dull evening at Leighton is improved by the passing roar of 81008 running up light on August 25th 1982


12098581008lbr.jpg As platform resurfacing on the DF at Leighton continues, 81008 arrives with 1B07 1718 Euston - Northampton on September 12th 1985

180885810081620birpreswebr.jpg81008 at New St prior to working 1P70 1620 Birmingham - Preston on August 18th 1985

81009 Phots

81009181183r.jpg81009 arrives at Glasgow Central with a classic portion working complete with buffet up front on November 18th 1983. A Glenn Jones phot with thanks.

81009220284ecsfor1110glaetnr.jpgA classic Glasgow Central scene as 81009 brings the ECS for the 1110 Glasgow - Euston from Polmadie CS n February 22nd 1984. A Glenn Jones phot with thanks

810092712861500caretnr.jpg 81009 was always in good condition externally. She is seen here at the blocks with the 1500 Carlisle - Euston relief on December 27th 1986. She had worked North on the 1015 Euston - Carlisle Relief that morning thus amassing 600 miles daytime class 1 mileage.

81009160287Carlislegjr.jpg 81009 at Carlisle on a down Scotch in this Carlisle ramp view on February 16th 1987. A Glenn Jones phot with thanks

81009101188r.jpg81009 passes the newly extended island platforms at Leightin with 4D62 Willesden - Holyhead liners on November 10th 1988

81009WNcond140490r.jpgCompared with the rest of her classmates 81009 was in good external condition when confined to WN for local ECS duties in Jan 90. Within a month she was withdrawn after derailment damage on ECS duties. Awaiting here fate at Willesden 81009 on April 14th 1990. A "60A" phot with thanks

81010 Phots

81010040182ar.jpg 81010 still with her original headcodes blinds awaits the road at Bletchley on January 4th 1982. 81010 was en route from Willesden to Wolverton works. Reception sidings

04018281010r.jpg 81010 approaches Bletchley dragging an ex works 501 unit from Wolverton to Willesden on January 4th 1982

81010040383dragby40012r.jpgIn the aftermath of the Warrington oil train derailment and fire there was a 24 hour drag. 40012 has just arrived dragging 81010 on a down van train at Wigan NW and is about to be uncoupled to do another drag whilst 81010 can roar on during March 4th 1983

81010240383r.jpg 81010 approaches Leighton with a down footex on March 24th 1983

81010160684r.jpg New St sees 81010 stabled awaiting her next turn on June 16th 1984. A Neil Evans phot with thanks

81010240286r.jpg Banished to the spare road at Euston, so not much chance of 81010 working a class 1 turn on February 24th 1986

81010150888r.jpg Euston and a morning "Cobbler" ECS gets a "fish" in 81010 to take it to Willesden CS on August 15th 1988

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