81001 to 81005 Phots

81001 Phots

29038081001n85004r.jpg81001 and 85004 near Stafford on an up mixed freight on March 30th 1980. A "60A" collection phot with thanks

81001030382r.jpg81001 approaches Leighton with 4D62 Willesden - Holyhead liners passing late afternoon on March 3rd 1982

81001080482r.jpg.jpgAn arty view of 81001 at Nuneaton with the afternoon ballast from Hartshill to Willesden on April 8th 1982. A Tony Ewer phot with thanks

29078381001r.jpg81001 arrives at Bletchley with 1B08 1744 Euston - Northampton "Cobbler" on July 29th 1983. Within a few weeks this fine machine was written off by fire. A Tony Ewer phot with thanks

81002 Phots

200868810021935enr.jpg An evening view of 81002 at Northampton after working the legendary 1B10 1935 Euston - Northampton on August 20th 1986

81002presworcester020593r.jpg81002 was initially preserved by P.Holt, then Waterman and then the AC Loco group. E3003 formerly 81002 gleams at Worcester Open Day on May 2nd 1993. Sadly the likelehood of 81002 ever returning to the mainline powering a train are very, very low.........


81003 Phots

23048581003webr.jpg81003 looks a bit battered passing Leighton in the late afternoon sun on April 23rd 1985

81003100284abington5m20r.jpgWinter snow in the hills greets 81003 working 5M20 Perth - Manchester Red Bank vans through Abington on February 10th 1984. A "GJ" phot with thanks

81004 Phots

81004b070285r.jpg Roarers and the A sidings at Euston were a classic WCML scene, 81004 awaits her next turn on February 7th 1985

81004Carlisle0187r.jpg81004 in the holding sidings at Carlisle with an 86'4 for company in Jan 87. A "60A" phot with thanks

14048881004r.jpg81004 passses Watford Jn with a down Speedlink from Willesden to Arpley on April 14th 1988

81004WNcond140490r.jpg81004's career as a Euston - Willesden ECS machine was cut short by collision damage in March 1990 as clearly shown here in this "60A" view taken on April 14th 1990

81005 Phots

26038381005r.jpg81005 passes Leighton with 1L03 Manchester - Wembley footex on March 26th 1983

048481005possr.jpgCommuters have their hands on the door handles ready to leap of 1B07 1718 Euston - Northampton with 81005 up front in April 1984

81005051085r.jpg 81005 passes Wolverhampton with the ECS for a Birmingham - Euston footex on October 5th 1985

81005041186r.jpg81005 takes a NSE liveried Cobbler ECS out of Euston on a chilly November 4th 1986

81005230488r.jpg81005 with Sleeper ECS at the Euston blocks, a Neil Evans phot with thanks

29108881005r.jpgA classic A sidings view of 81005 on October 29th 1988 with thanks to Mark Beal

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