The “York and the line that time forgot” Railtour,  Sat 160411

A rather pompous name for, basically,  a UK Railtours “ADEX” to York! .A rateable start for us, with 30 or so joining at Willesden Jn HL, a rare loco hauled calling point. Royal 67005 then coasted along the NLL passing Gospel Oak and Camden Rd before descending the incline for a storm down the ECML to York.

The return took in Gainsborough Lea Rd, Lincoln, Sleaford avoider, Spalding and Peterboro before a reverse of the outward route. At Hitchin a Fastline grid was still stabled outside the depot and a signal stop at Welwyn GC saw an announcement “please do not join the train at platform 2 as it will take you far away, somewhere you don’t want to go to”! The final destination was Woking!

Obviously our local TOC was cancelling umpteen trains to make our journey home a farce,  with vocals from the victorious Man City fans!!


 York Adex and NRM phots

16041167005wnr.jpg Royalty at Willesden! And making a nice change from a rancid 378 skip 005 arrives at High Level with the tour

16041167005incamr.jpg Passing over the ghosts of Kings X Goods yard, 67005 slows for a check on the incline, note the lineside path to the left  

16041187001r.jpg  Scream no more, 87001 in the sterile atmosphere of the NRM. Thanks to “PB” for the phot

1604116700r.jpg In the “tent” outside the NRM main hall was a close to as built D6700/37119, ta to “PB” for the phot

16041167005ykr.jpg 67005 at York prior to returning the tour South

16041167005incpmr.jpg Climbing the Incline literally into the sunset

 Thanks to UK Railtours for a cheap and cheerful day out

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