The Western Wessexman Railtour,  Saturday September 7th 2013

Power: 67019 (Leicester - Bescot and back), 1015 Bescot - Weymouth (and back)

Route: O/W: Leicester - Nuneaton - Sutton park - BS - Soho - Stouurbridge Jn - Worcester SH - Bristol Parkway - Dr Days - Bath - Westbury - Frome - Yeoviil PM - Dorchester W - Weymouth


Route R/T: Weymouth - Dorchester S - Poole - Soton - “Bas”- Reaading West - Didcot -

Oxford - Evesham - Worcester SH - Old Hill bank - Soho - BS - Sutton Park - Nuneaton -



Sample Highlights:  

Gleaming 1015 in morning sun at BS yard waiting to take tour forward

Lively tour atmosphere

Parallel running with Chiltern hauled emcars at Stourbridge Jn

Awesome thrash on joining GW at Reading

Storming through oxford and much of the Cotswold line

Storming run up Old Hill bank (nr Cradley heath)


0550 ex Leicester with a 2328 return made it a long day


Tour phots


0709131015sor.jpg A gleaming D1015 eases very briefly onto the WCML in the Soho West area


0709131015bpr.jpg Leaving Bristol Parkway for Filton, is it 2013 or a Liverpool - Plymouth turn in 1975?


0709131015wer.jpg To their credit Pathfinder allowed a photo stop at the old “wizzo” haunt of Westbury


0709131015wyr.jpg A 2 hour break in Weymouth then a  return via many old haunts. Westerns had fairly regular Bristol - Weymouth turns in the early 70’s so this Weymouth view isn’t that rare.


0709131015dir.jpg Classic (but now closed) local landmark, just visible from near Chedd on the WCML with 1015 adding to this evening Didcot scene. Demolition of Didcot A is expected in 2014, at least 1015 has a secure future.


07091367019r.jpg Not so classic, 67019 at Leicester prior to stabling the stock at Humberstone Road overnight-


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