The “Watercress Flyer” Sat May 7th 1988

This was an unusual “Hertfordshire Tour” as it stopped at several local shacks like Wolverton, Leighton, Berko, Hemel and Harrow on its trip from Northampton to the Mid Hants with a Mk 1 Cobbler rake

I leapt on the tour at Leighton simply because it was “roaring” and was immeadiately shocked by the high normal consist, so I opted for a front window door position. With a “bag” (33114) working forward from Mitre Bridge (rather than a standard (33’0) I bailed at Kenny O to return to Euston for some “can” home.

I had planned to do the return tour but as shown in the moves section 85023 was a service train alternative, 85012 doing the return tour from West London Jn.

Watercress Flyer phots, 070588

070588475xxr.jpg An as yet unidentified SF 47 on an unidentified tour with impressive headboard is crossed to the North of Willesden FLT. Gen welcome!

07058883009r.jpg With the recently demolished Willesden High Level box looking on 83009 with diamond pan (in 1988!) returns to Wembley CS via the “suburban lines”

07058833114mbjr.jpg No semaphores or Boxes at Mitre Bridge today, 33114 waits to take the tour forward. The girder bridge in the distance crosses the GW main line

07058885034r.jpg 85034 returns 0Z00 to the WCML after being detached at Mitre Bridge Jn

07058833114kor.jpg 33114 about to leave Kenny O for the Mid Hants via the direct SW route

The Moves

7/5/88 Sa

85034    0810 Northampton-Aylesford Railtour                                                                          LB-MB

33114    0810 Northampton-Aylesford Railtour                                                                          MB-KO

86421    1110 Euston-Northampton                                                                                               EU-LB

081         1522 Euston-M.Keynes                                                                                                     LB-MK

87026    1500 Liverpool-Euston                                                                                                      MK-EU

85023    1726 Wolverhampton-Euston

85023    2010 Euston-Northampton                                                                                               EU-LB

85012    Return Aylesford - Northampton tour

A rerun in 2011 featuring an 85 and a 33’1 would be nice!!!

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