Up Scotland, March 2018

This quick trip North was in serious doubt right up to the departure evening. Heavy drifting snow had blocked both the East and West coast lines for several days over Beattock and via Berwick. The East coast was reopened on the Saturday and on the Sunday the Caledonian Sleeper website was claiming a resumption of services on the Sun evening. Virgin west coast were claiming no service all day Sunday.

Fortunately the Rutherglen based snowblower finally cleared the line late on the Sunday night with a few Pendos running through and more importantly my sleeper!

My power on Sunday's 4th March 1S25 2057 Euston - Inverness/F.William/Aberdeen

was 92010.  86101 brought the 16 coach "emcars" which was made up as follows.

10722, 10597, 10527, 10543, 10703, 10501, 6703, 9810, 10699, 10548, 10544, 10683,

10518, 10531, 1210 and for us seated sleeper peasants 9807 at the very rear.


04031886101webr.jpg 86101 at Euston with 5S25 ecs, 040318



Despite the snow thoughout the journey, we arrived at Edinburgh right time. 67007 was the forwarding power as hoped for on the Inverness portion. Snow was pretty thick on the Highland line but as we descended over Culloden viaduct the snow turned to rain.

This rain was to remain in Inverness for 36 hours i was in Inverness...


05031867007webr.jpg 67007 on arrival at Inverness with S25, 050318



The usual 170 moves to Aviemore for the bus to Cairngorm on the Monday and Glenmore on the Tuesday as blizzards closed the ski road to Cairngorm all day.



050318170457webr.jpg Dwarfed by the hills.170457 arrives at Kingussie with an afternoon Edinburgh - Inverness service 050318


06031843277webr.jpg 43277 leaves Aviemore at the rear of the 0755 Inverness-Kings X, 060318


060318360508490webr.jpg D3605 the former 08490 at Aviemore Strathspey 060318


06031866433webr.jpg 66431 passes Aviemore South with Inverness - Mossend empty containers, 060318


060318170433webr.jpg 170433 passes the Kingussie semaphores, 060318



Tuesday March 6th saw 67007 once again return me South with the Inverness portion being made up of:

10706, 10526, 10529, 10640, 10561, 10650, 6700 and 9804 for us seated sleeper peasants.


06031867007webr.jpg A a damp Inverness 67007 awaits departure time of 2045 with 1M16, 060318


Leaving Edinburgh the lights and heating failed in 9804 but were eventually reset. Leaving Crewe the lights and heating failed again and we were all moved up to the berths in 10650.

At Euston the forwarding power from Edinburgh was confirmed as 90046. 68013 on the 1110 Marylebone - Birmingham Moor St was my last power of the trip.

07031890046webr.jpg 90046 at Euston wih 1M16 Caledonian sleeper, 070318


07031868013webr.jpg 68013 at Moor St with the 1110 ex Marylebone, 070318


350101 on the 1414 Birmingham - Euston was timed as a personal best. Coventry - Rugby in 8m 18s start to stop is a credible 83mph...         


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