The "Shropshire Union" Railtour, Sat January 10th 2015

The Route:

Euston - M.Keynes - Northampton - Rugby - Coventtry - Bescot - Wolves -

Cosford - Madely Jn - Ironbridge


Ironbridge - Cosford - Oxley Chord - Stafford(break))- Crewe Gresty Lane -

Shrewsbury avoider - Wellington - Donnington FT - Wellington - Wolves

Bescot - Walsall- Sutton Park - Nuneaton flyoverr - Rugby - Northampton-

M.Keynes - Euston


The Power:

67026 - Euston- Bescot-Ironbridge,  Donnington--Wellington, Bescot-Euston

60079 - Ironbridge - Stafford - Crewe - Salop -- Donnington - Wellington

Wolves - Bescot



A leisurely UK Railtour with 13 well filled coaches. The stormy weather had cleared by Bescot where the old diesel depot had been demolished.

The 6 mile Ironbridge branch was very scenic, the 60 found load 13 and dead "skip" easy work. Crewe Basford Hall and Gresty Lane saw a variety  lot of power stabled with class 20, 37,47,57,60,66,68,70,86,90 viewed.

The Donnington branch was just a group of empty sidings whilst 67026 was in lively form on the return WCML run.


"Shropshire Union" Phot spot, 100115


10011567026norr.jpg 67026 at a rainy Northampton waiting departure time after picking up a large number of passengers. Odd why the likes of Northampton sees so few tours in recent times


10011560079bsr.jpg 60079 at the South end of Bescot Yard prior to dropping onto the rear of the tour  

10011567026cor.jpg 67026 passes Coalbrookdale on the Ironbridge branch


100115ironr.jpg The cooling towers of Ironbridge power station loom over the stock. Regular "biomass" traffic serves the power station indeed we were delayed at Madeley Jn waiting for a biomass train to clear the branch. It seems likely that closure of the power station will occur later this year with the branch equally threatened.


10011560079str.jpg 60079 at Stafford during a pathing stop


10011590050r.jpg Long withdrawn 90050 dumped at Crewe Basford Hall


10011567026mkr.jpg 67026 back at Milton Keynes with the speedy return run


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