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A growing selection of mainly classic railtours from the late 70s to today. Includes memories, gen and phots

Thanks to various contributors, more localish tour memories always welcome!

Last update Mar 28th 2020

NEW 280320 The epic "Park Royal Parkinson" tour " tour from March 9th 2020 with 33029 thrashing through the Chilterns and Trent Valley. Tour report and 8 phots

NEW 210120 The epic "DRS Class 20 farewell tour " tour from Jan 18th 2020 with 20's for the last time? . Tour report and 8 phots

NEW 300120
Mendip Artificer from Jan 84 remembered 08/37's/45 action locally with more phots

NEW 071219 The "Severn Valley Autumn " tour from Nov 2019 with 67004 and 67006 on theWCML. Tour report and 10 phots

NEW 280318 The "class 26 farewell" tour. Pre and post tour memories and phots, plus looking back at that ironic cheer at Crewe station 2238, 011093

260277 Western Tribute 1013/1023

140477 The "Dinting-York Express " tour. The "worse tour ever". Memories, phots and gen from a forgettable day in 1977

250482 The Glasgow Double, Apr 24/25th 1982 83010 off Bletchley, Eastfield and St Rollox works visits, depot logs, haulages and 5 phots from the day!

080582 -The "York Express" charter from Berkhamsted from May 82 Roarer, nb 47, much eh peak and depot phots, thanks to "Trev Rolfe".

291082 The Bedford Bricker tour. "Tractors" and "rats" here and there locally, Oct 82

050383 The Silver Jubilee, Mar 5th 1983 40's to Euston and elsewhere, moves, phots and gen from Mar 83

140883 Butterley Bulldog 31304/31101, 20153/20167, 20077/20178, 37065/37042, 44004, 13809(k),31320/31315

011083The Burntisland Bellower Oct 1st 1983 Type 2 marathon to Scotland, Report, 8 phots and gen plus pre tour Yorkshire moves and overnight

261183The Cheshire Cheeser, Nov 26th 1983 A peak, rats, rare track and 40192 whistling through Birkenhead docks

171283 The Christmas Cracker, December 17th 1983 Classic CFPS tour 40028 and 40034 powering, phots and report

210184 Mendip Artificer remembered 08/37's/45 action locally

110284 -The "Vital Statistician" Tour from Feb 11th 84 Much power variety, much rare freight track and more, a classic tour from F & W.

180284The Dore-Mat, February 18th 1984 Riotous tour with 40024, 40033, 13001, not forgetting 81014, and 85032, 12 memorable phots and tour report

030384 -The "Central Wales Liner" tour from March 1984 40035 Apapa on the C.Wales, class 37/45 also.

100384 North West Rambler 85039, 31273/31187, 25218/25059, 45104, 40082, 40155, 86254

070484 -"Knotty Northern Circular" tour from April 1984 Phots and gen incl 25224/042 over Standedge and 40122 over Ais Gill.

140484 Capital City Transfer Railtour 50007, 500040, 25042, 25083, 37038 and 37089

0405-060584 -"Anglo Scottish Freighter" weekend tour from May 84 7 Phots and gen incl class 20,25,26,37,40. One of the true classic tours of the 80's.

120584 The Ten Counties tour remembered, classic local tour Bletchley Flyover, Quainton, Bedford St Johns last day and much 25 mileage, phots and gen

150784 The South Yorkshireman tour remembered, classic multi traction tour 37's, 47901, 56 and 58 thrash across South and West Yorkshire

290984 The Pennine Summits remembered, classic 40 tour class 40 action in the hills, a can and a flying ped! 5 phots and gen

141084 The Waverly Tour. Much 40 mileage plus 81, 20 and 37 and more, Eastfield depot visit too

171184 The Grampian Highlander remembered, xos over Dromochter and more, Nov 1984 class 26/27 action in Scotland, 8 phots and gen

281284 The Royal Scot, December 28th 1984 Classic RESL tour 40086, 40152 not forgetting 85021 powering, phots and report

090285 Knottingley Man o War 37052/37263, 45012, 08771, 47157

090385 -"Lancashire Linx" tour from March 85 Phots and tour memories. "peak" over Pennines, 20's to Southport,storming rats and the Steamport 24.

03-050585The Sutherland Highlander from May 85 Marathon 17 loco tour, 26032/041 mileage but many farces including the Georgemas Jn flying kilt!!!

030885The Silver Hammer from Aug 85 High mileage tour to S.W Scotland with class 20, 25 and 85 with an unexpected bonus on the return run

17/140686 NEW 291017 The "EM2 Farewell" tour. The "best tour ever". Memories, phots and gen from an unforgettable day in the Netherlands

270786 The Coastway Crusader, July 27th 1986 Rats across the Southern, 25181's last gasps, class 33,37,45,50 also feature

090886 The "Fair Maid of Perth" tour from Aug 86 with class 27, 37, 40 and 47 action. Phots and gen

The Snowdonian II, Aug 24th 1986 Rats along the Cambrian coast for the last time

280986 Mersey Ratcatcher 25249,25313,25904,25910,86237

151186 Red Brick Rambler 45110

170187 Chiltern Chariot DMU to Dunstable

280287 The Valley Basher II tour. Cromptons and a slug up the valleys

040787 Class 37's Euston -Kidder-Loughborough - Euston plus class 40 and 52 action and rare track

110787 Class 20s Kings X - Padd via Deepcar and Stratford on Avon, July 87 featuring 20022, 20030, 20064 and 20126

120388 The Tubular Belle tour. 40122's epic last thrash along the coast and up to Blaneau, Mar 88

020488 The Pennine Forty tour. 40122's dissapointing last thrash over the WCML and Pennines

070588 The Watercress Flyer remembered class 33 and 85 action, plus 47/83 locally

210589 Inter City Diesel Day remembered 20's/33's/37's/47/56/58 thru Luton!

210589 more!More Inter City diesel day memories, May 21st 1989 5 phots of class 20,33,37 and 56 action, ta to "60A"

110689 The "Coalville Cobbler" tour from June 89 with a star role from 33058 amongst others

The Tay Forth Centurion Tour. xos 26's, 47's, 2 loco failures, a farce perhaps!

290593 The Mothball from May 93. 56046 works the last loco hauled train from Oxford to Bletchley.Phots, speed logs,memories and more

030793 Alresford Clipper 33109, 73003, 4732, 5001, Crompton off Leighton, plus naming ceromony and rare track

011093 NEW 280318 The "class 26 farewell" tour. Pre and post tour memories and phots, plus looking back at that ironic cheer at Crewe station 2238, 011093

020494 -The "Sector Swansong" Apr 94 remembered A feast of power, late running with 33030 through the snow at Chiltern Green the hilite!

070594 -The "Metro Gnome" May 94 remembered 20227 and "Sarah Siddons" visit Watford, Amersham, Chesham and Uxbridge and beyond. Phots, gen and tour memories

310799 The Spinnin Haggis tour. Epic multi traction tour from Swindon to Dundee, much power variety and more!

17/180502 The "Rhins and Machars" tour. Epic tour taking 33s and a big grid over the Machars to Stranraer and Glasgow. Phots, memories and much gen

210608 The Paignton Pudden tour. "Tractors" to the South West and a "rat" too!

050909 -The "Aylesbury Vale Venturer" tour from Sep 5th 2009 Mini tour from Marylebone to Quainton with rare power.

200310 Cumbrian Crusader II 57002, 47851, 20301/20304, 66843, 66432, 37601/37608

100910 West Coast Premier 87002 off Leighton!

061110 Wandering Pieman 67024

04/060311 WCML Deltic Positioning Tours 55022

160411 YorkAdex 67005

160711 Cambrian Tractor tour class 37 action locally, 7 phots

200811 Limestone Cowboy tour class 92 action locally, 7 phots

071011 87006 on PTG tour, Oct 2011 class 87 action out East, 6 phots

210112 The Concrete Cow, Jan 2012, loco hauled to Wolverton Works area and Bley flyover and more Gen and 15 phots from the day

110212 The Cumbrian Mountain Express, Feb 11 2012, electric and steam haulage on WCML/S n C Gen and 7 phots from the day

280912Modern Railways Golden Jubilee Tour 2012 87002 off the Cross, phots and gen

101112The Pennine Panorama, November 10th 2012 Classic Trans Pennine circular tour, 92003/92019/60011 powering , 7 phots and report

0709131015 returns!, Western Wessexman, September 7th 2013 1015 on a classic tour to Weymouth with route and hilites report, plus 6 phots

131213 -The "Maybach Meanderer" Dec 13 "Wizzo" to Quainton, WCML storm thru Leighton, report and 8 phots

140214 -The "Chiltern Champion I/II " Feb 14 remembered "Western Champion" and "The Queen Mother" visit Marylebone, Wycombe, Aylesbury, Claydon, Islip and beyond. Phots, gen and tour memories

250414 -The "Lochalsh Highlander" Tour April 25th 2014 Long distance day trip with 37 power, 10 phots and gen , an excellent Compass tour.

100115 -The "Shropshire Union" tour from Jan 10th 2015 60079 and 67026 to Ironbridge, Donnington and beyond.

Expanded coverage 050915 -"Glorious Devon" tour from Sep 2015 Phots and gen incl Westbury 08 and more.

150716 The Herd of Wildabeest tour remembered many 73's along the "Mule", ta to "JT"

110916 Day 4 and bits of 3 of the GBRf 15 round Britain Charity tour. Class 20,47,59,66,86,87 feature

170617 NEW 250617 The Welsh Central Liner tour. 55009's enjoyable jaunt along the Central Wales line and more!

NEW 071219 The "Severn Valley Autumn " tour from Nov 2019 with 67004 and 67006 on theWCML. Tour report and 10 phots

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