The "Pennine Forty" Farewell,  March 12th 1988

The tour brochure stated "This will be the last chance to feature that stalwart class 40 - the one and only D200

at the head of a Pathfinder train on the main line. We have devised a special routing that incorporates fast WCML

and grinding Trans Pennine running, as both have been especially associated with the class for the last thirty years".

Tour memories

250417itinwebr.jpg the tour's itinerary

Its not often you get the chance of a pre tour lie in but a booked 1034 departure off Euston allowed this rare luxury.

My colleague "The Buzzard" aka Smudger Smith loved his 50s and apparently had left Leagrave flat very early to make

50001 on the inbound tour at Swindon. On 310076 Euston bound i passed a whistling beast at WN depot South end

but was puzzled as it seemed to be in railfreight grey!

About 10 down 50001 arrived at Euston and the regulation at the blocks phot of this rare sight followed. Then we

all watched a grey ghost like 40122 attach to the tour with former class 25314 now Ethel 3 tucked inside for therms.

Once on the move we were informed 40122 was still in grey undercoat due to a maintenance dispute at Stratford

where her repainting to museum standards was being undertaken. Once clear of Watford it was obvious that all was

not well up front as we did little above 75mph even on the level. At Lichfield TV we were checked for a procession of

service train to pass before tottering North.

After a long stop at Stoke, my mate commentated "now thats what i call a decent fast departure", not knowing 47332

had been attached here. At Stockport the forwarding driver agreed to give 40122 a go unassisted but the late running

worsened as did the tour atmosphere. Field divert issues was the apparent cause of the slow running.

Our destination of Liverpool was never made, as to make up some time we were routed onto the WCML at Winwick Jn.

The highlight of the day for many was a breathtaking fast run out of Crewe by 85008 with New St reached for 47575

forward. The "Buzzard" stayed aboard as his beloved 50029 was quoted for the tour from Gloucester.

For the two of us locals it was 310070 South on the 2130 Birmingham - Euston. Conversation was a bit muted, 40122

had let us down, something she had never done to us before, would she be fit  for her final real tour on the North Wales

Coast in 3 weeks we mused. ...Even typing these notes up nearly 30 years later memories of a grey day, a grey 40 and

a grey tour atmosphere still remain sharp..

This would all change 3 weeks later though!!

Pennine Class 40 farewell phot spot

Only Euston views i'm afraid...Has anybody else got phots en route to Crewe?

12038850001awebr.jpg 50001 arrives at Euston with the Taunton - Padd leg of the tour

12038850001etnwebr.jpg Always rare at Euston, a 50 on the blocks of platform 14

12038885021webr.jpg 85021 roars off to the A sidings at Euston

12038887032webr.jpg As 87032 departs, 40122 and Ethel 3 are about to back on

12038840122nethel3webr.jpg 40122 and Ethel 3 backing on

12038840122etnwebr.jpg40122 in undercoat, no numbers nothing

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