The Pennine Panorama, Sat Nov 10th 2012

With all the recent train crew issues on DBS it was good to eventually see this tour was running as advertised. The tour was switched at the last minute to the DF platform on arrival at Watford and on departure we were undertaken on the DS by a “vomit”!. A steady run North with atmospheric brief “roaring” from the blowers during the Keynes, Northampton and Nuneaton pick ups . A good storm down the Trent to Crewe where in good weather 60011 was attached

The tug took us North with a deviation via Earlstown to Wigan, Farington Jn and a slog over Copy Pit. In the summit  tunnel an impressive thrash was audible to all. Through the wastelands of Healy Mills, then a brief stop at Sheffield before a Hope valley run to Man Vic, Earlstown and back to Crewe. Here 92003 was attached and was ETHing the stock during a solid run South with a rocket acceleration on leaving M.Keynes, superb.

This tour unlike many of late actually had a bit of atmosphere, there was banter flying,  there were crowds showing interest in the locos once more , a good day out……

Phot spot-

10111292019watr.jpg After a last minute platform 92019 makes a Down Fast arrival at Watford Jn, 101112

10111292019olr.jpg Bridge 139 at Old Linslade, greets the 92

10111260011crr.jpg Contrasting front ends 92019 and forwarding power 60011 at Crewe during the loco change

10111260011crrrrr.jpg 60011 went half way to Holyhead to access the right line, yes that’s 87035 “Robert Burns” and tractor 108 behind the "tug"

101112600011cpr.jpg 60011 slogging towards the narrow valley that is Copy Pit

10111260011shr.jpg A crew change allowed a quick photo stop at Sheffield and leg stretch

10111292003r.jpg A different 92 in 92003 was provided for the return at Crewe, the “Lada” ething the stock too.

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