Network South East day, Sat September 13th 1986

This was the second of the very popular Network Days to promote the NSE network.

For  just £4 you could travel on any train in the NSE area and by any operator. Many trains were strengthened; relief trains also ran including our own 1Z38 0635 M.Keynes-Hove relief.

A fantastic opportunity for a good day out thanks to the good offices of Chris Green…  


Saturday September 13th 1986 dawned bright but very cold with a heavy frost across the Hanslope area as our warm, cosy 310 stormed North. The first “bowl out” of the day was

a “can” in 86260 on the first “Cobbler”. This had to be done to cover to cover 1Z38 off Milton Keynes which we planned to do for the riot value. “Its roaring” came the shout as the big yellow front of what proved to be 81012 arrived with an 11 coach mk I rake. The front

coach had just a few bashers aboard, the “normals” all wedged in further back. The uncommon 33058 was our power forward from Mitre Bridge

We picked up a good crowd at East Croydon who thought they were Brighton rather than Hove bound! The “Crompton” was loud, at times very loud on her run down the Brighton mainline, unfamiliar “Crompton” routeage for us.   


047      0600 Euston-Birmingham                               L.Buzzard - Northampton

86260  0740 Northampton-Euston                             Northampton - M.Keynes

81012  0835 M.Keynes-Hove Relief 1Z38                M.Keynes - Mitre Br Jn

33058  0835 M.Keynes-Hove Relief 1Z38                Mitre Br Jn - Hove


Whilst many confused East Croydoners bailed at Hove , expecting Brighton we joined a unit along the Coast to Pompey. “Genny” 47406 was quoted for the 1302 Pompey - Manchester but as below we stuck with the tried, tested and ever popular Bristol-Pompey “Crompton” moves to the Harbour, Soton, Fareham and finally Salisbury. Here a pair of Cromptons in 33063/020 were a bonus for the “mileage move” back to Brighton. We didn’t make the big minus into the return M.Keynes relief so 47559 on the Liverpool was joined. With dull 86404 the forwarding power from West London Jn a Waford bail followed.  On bailing off the pair of 310’s at Leighton the Cobbler empties screamed South behind 85007 and a dead 81006. Quite a Network day!  


2106}  1020 Victoria-Portsmouth H                          Hove - Portsmouth


33001  1007 Bristol-Portsmouth H                             Portsmouth - Portsmouth H               

33053   1410 Portsmouth H-Bristol                            Portsmouth H - Southampton               

33015  0950 Swansea-Portsmouth                             Southampton - Fareham

33001  1510 Portsmouth H-Cardiff                           Fareham - Salisbury

33063} 1350 Penzance-Brighton                                Salisbury - Brighton


47559  1826 Brighton-Liverpool                                Brighton - West London Jn

86404  1826 Brighton-Liverpool                                West London Jn - Watford Jn

061}    2025 Euston-M.Keynes                                  Watford Jn - L.Buzzard


Other known gen from the day

85004  0730 Euston-Pwhelli

85013  0625 Newhaven-Manchester (ex West London Jn)

85002  0644 Manchester - Brighton  (to Mitre Bridge jn)

73138  0920 Gatwick-Victoria

73104  0945 Victoria-Gatwick

47406  1302 Portsmouth-Manchester

33211  1007 Cardiff-Portsmouth H

33028  1210 Cardiff-Portsmouth H

33008  1305 Cardiff-Portsmouth H

50027  1703 Salisbury-Waterloo! -(Wot no “Crompton!”, is nothing sacred!”)

33035  1410 Waterloo-Salisbury

33058  1805 Brighton - M.Keynes rtn Relief (to West London Jn)

86406  1805 Brighton - M.Keynes rtn Relief (ex West London Jn)

33208  1830 Brighton-Eastliegh Addit (stock off Penzance - Brighton)

85007} ecs of 1714 Euston-Northampton


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