The Lochalsh Highlander, Friday April 25th 2014

A straightforward Crewe-Kyle out and back run via the Highland line with almost 26 hours of action behind 37259/37423.

Stock was 11 Mk IId/e “coffins”. Good atmosphere throughout,  helped by fine weather West of Dingwall. With our Scottish

contingent bailing by Larbert there was “plenty room” to stretch out for the return overnight run. A bargain at £99


1Z51- Compass Tours Itinerary

Crewe 0140, Preston, 0238, Carlisle 0355/0450, Wishaw 0622, Holytown, Mossend E, Mossend Yd, Coatbridge C 0643, Cumbernauld 0654,

Larbert 0709, Stirling 0721, Dunblane 0730, Perth (last stop) 0810/0830, Aviemore 1024/1029, Inverness Rose St 1121/26, Dingwall 1210,

Achnasheen 1311/18, Kyle 1433


Kyle 1618, Achnasheen 1729,Dingwall 1828, Inverness Rose St 1853/1855, Kingussie 2000/2016, Perth 2140/2152, Mossend Yd, Motherwell,

Wishaw 2338, Carlisle 0049/56, Preston 0213/19, Crewe 0304    


25041437423n259nosesr.jpg Tour noses at Perth, during a booked pathing stop

25041437259n423perr.jpg 37259 and 37423 rest at Perth after an overnight slog from Crewe

250414drumocterhillsr.jpg Fair bit of snow on the rolling Eastern Drumochter hills nr Dalwhinnie

250414gshr.jpg Over the years a fair few will have waved/flailed or gawped at the “German Soldiers Helmet” rock formation nr Schold

250414slcochtsr.jpg The summit is passed!

25041437259n423kr.jpg At the blocks at Kyle

250414kyler.jpg The traditional view of Kyle with MV Hebridean Express at the quay

25041437423n259kyr.jpg 37423 and 37159 waiting the return South

25041437423n259crr.jpg All over, its just after 3am with 37423 and 259 about to erupt out of Crewe with the emcars

A cracking trip, thanks to Compass Tours, DRS etc. For those wanting a similar trip North but without the rigours of an overnight,

Compass are running an Aviemore weekend 25-27 October 2014. More gen at

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