Local Area Phots July 80 – June 2010

Many thanks your contributions, in response to user requests we have reinstated the “week that was” gen listing

Luton Midland Road, 280780 thanks to Brian Daniels  

28078045044r.jpg    Classic Midland, 45044 takes up cements from Handsworth back to Northfleet

Crewe Works, 071280 thanks to the “60A” collection

07128084008r.jpg     Withdrawn 84008 awaits her inevitable fate at Crewe Works

Wembley Yard, 010697 thanks to Robin Morel

01069786608r.jpg     86608 and class mates in her pre celebrity days, regearing saw her become 86501 3 years after Robin’s phot

Milton Keynes, 180405 thanks to Mark Beal

18040587019r.jpg   A cracking night view of 87019 the former “Sir Winston Churchill” with the 2228 Wolves-Euston in reverse formation at 0011 at Milton                                        Keynes       

Willesden Jn, 070610

07061073107r.jpg       A surprise sound as sight as 73107 thumps through Willesden low level lines early on 070610

Leighton Station, 130610

13061067012r.jpg  WSMR Sunday WCML diversions should continue until July 18th. Running some 40 late after stock problems 67012 propels J43 1504        

                                 Marylebone-Wrexham through “top shack”

Rugby, 130610 thanks to “PB”


13061090019r.jpg The hauled set has been out the last 2 Sundays, 90019 is seen here with the 1850 New St-Euston at Rugby            


M.Keynes, 140610 thanks to Andrew Chambers


14061086637n613r.jpg Freightliners new livery as featured on the 70’s is now also on 86637, seen with 86613 on 4L92 up Dittons        


Bradwell, 150610 thanks to Andrew Chambers


15061086701n702r.jpg        Last local working?, 86701 and 702 return to Crewe from Willesden DED for tyre turning


Ledburn “Jn”, 150610


15061037608n610r.jpg Lengthening Ledburn shadows as 37608 and 37610 take 6K51 North     


Berkhamsted, 180610 thanks to “PB”


18061057605r.jpg With nameplates taped up GWR 175 liveried celebrity “Ronnie” 57604 is viewed working 0Z00 Loughborough-OOC, note the black rather than yellow ploughs                                  


Gen snippets…


Sunday loco hauled bonanza…Until July 18th WSMR diverts thru Leighton, approx times at Leighton,,

1P52 (1430), 1J43 (1635), 1P54 (1817), 1J45 (1835)…Loco on the South end on 1Jxx workings. Reverse at Neasden then via Acton Wharf.

Sunday Skoda..following have been hauled on recent Sundays..1G16 1258 Euston-Birmingham, 1B40 1450 Birmingham-Euston, 1G40 1658 Euston-Birmingham, 1B72 1850 Birmingham-Euston


Thursday “seven”..Seems possible that 87002 will work the 1801 Euston-Crewe leg of a “climberex” on 2406, returning from Scotland late on 2606


Silverlink gronk class 1 – 08874 works class 1 again!, 030610 saw an ole failure at Trowse and 08874 dragged 90011 and the 1030 Norwich-Liverpool St back into Norwich prior to capeage

 The week that was 13th June-19th June 2010…

Lots of 86 action this week, M54 is solid 86s though M51/L57 reverted to sheds, 637 has been second loco on L92 a couple of times and final grey 622 was on M54 Tuesday: Many thanks to AB,AC PB and TC for their help with getting this gen list moving again

Sunday 13 June

67010/12/13 WSMR diversions, 90019 Sunday Skoda turn


Monday 14 June

86614/627 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

37603/611 4M71 Tilbury-Daventry

86613/637 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

66433 drag 37087 0K51 Willesden-Crewe


Tuesday 15 June

86622/628 4M54 Tilbury - Crewe

86609/632 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

37608/610 6K51 Willesden-Crewe


Wednesday 16 June

86614/627 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86501 4M88 Felixstowe-Crewe

37603/611 4M71 Tilbury-Daventry

86609/632 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe


Thursday 17 June

86639/604 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe

86501 4M81 Felixstowe-Ditton

90048/86609 4M88 Felixstowe-Crewe (609 was paired with 632 which failed at Ipswich, so being worked back to Crewe)

86613/637 4L92 Ditton-Felixstowe

37069/607 6K51 Willesden-Crewe


Friday 18 June.....very busy Soulbury lunchtime session - 16 locos in just over 2 hours!

92019 1230 6B41 Wembley-Daventry vans
90019 1233 5A42 Northampton-Wembley pretendalino
90049 1239 4L75 Crewe-Felixstowe
37682/90002 1259 0M90 Norwich-Crewe
66503 1301 4O35 Crewe-Southampton
86604/605 1317 4M54 Tilbury-Crewe
90048 1357 4M81 Felixstowe-Ditton
66592 1400 4L57 Daventry-Tilbury
37087/90013 1405 0L90 Crewe-Norwich
66533 1419 4M58 Southampton-Crewe
66716 1431 4M23 Felixstowe-Hams Hall (not noticed the removal of the First logos until mentioned on the web this afternoon)
57604 1434 0Z57 Loughborough-Old Oak .... cracking bonus, although a very odd route!
66014 1436 6V11 Bletchley-Didcot 4 PCAs

66003 6A05 Wolverton-Wembley with 465026

also reported 66164 rescued failed 66719 on 4L22

86621/607 4L92 ditton-Felixstowe

90019 1856 Euston-Preston

70001 worked Mon-Weds but on exam Thursday and some kind of problem so hadn't re-entered traffic Friday.


Saturday 19 June..

90026 1M16 2040 Inverness-Euston

37218/259 6Z69 Sizewell-Crewe (1656 at LB)


Saturday June 20th 1987- Archive gen


37693 1430 Aylesbury-Risboro (and back)

20053 1540 Aylesbury-Risboro (and back)…In connection with Aylesbury Open Day


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