The Lairg papers remembered - Part One

1K03 0805 SUN Inverness - Lairg

2N14 1027 SUN Lairg - Inverness

A classic,  primarily ”non advertised” Sunday morning service from Inverness to Lairg which featured class 24/25/26/27/37 amongst others.

A local connection in that one BG off the 2002 Euston - Inverness/Lairg van train  went through to Lairg  on Saturday nights taking the

London printed papers North, picking up more BGs at Preston (ex Manchester) and Perth (ex Glasgow) making 7 BG’s in total until the late 70’s.

Passenger accommodation was BSK/TSO/CK for much of the 70’s although by the 80’s it was a BFK/TSO. Returned as an advertised

passenger train from Lairg. Ceased running as far as we know in March 86 …  

January 85 Lairg papers trip, Sunday January 27th 1985

During a spell of severe cold weather with a lot of snow about we arrived in Inverness behind 47096 on the Saturday night internal overnight

from Glasgow/Edinburgh. Many of the vans off the internal overnight were then added to stock already on the Far North Platform.

27055 eventually backed on steaming nicely and after more parcels/papers were off loaded from the late Euston train we departed North an hour down.

By Dingwall our “tip top’s” boiler was dead and we were advised to leave the train by the guard “for our own safety” (and he wasn’t joking)….

We moved from the TSO to the BFK  for retained heat for the 4 of us desperate fools aboard. 

By Tain thick freezing fog added to the atmosphere adding to the snow cover and ice on the inside of of our internal compartment door! The icy windows

Meant it was just a swirl of white and ice for much of the trip……………..

Lairg, as the photos show, was Christmas card material but very cold in the still, silent morning air.

The return trip saw the compo get very cold my Wolverton colleague resorted to a spare jumper/shirt over his head and feet for much of the journey

South, This remained my only Lairg papers trip but if any other readers can add more it will help beef up part 2 of our Lairg papers article…

Lairg papers phot spot - all 270185

27018527055invbr.jpg 27055 prior to departure with the 0820 Inverness - Lairg papers. At this time the “tippie” was steaming nicely, the train quite cosy

27018527055lainr.jpg At Lairg the freezing fog had lifted to give an icy coat to the bare bushes and the thick snow cover

27018527055lairger.jpg Ice coated bushes and 27055

2701857055laigr.jpg 27055 and our trusty frozen declassified BFK. The crossing is for the road into Lairg “town”, the station being a good way out.

More memories in our full “Scottish Winter Rover” phots and report here

More Lairg Papers memories to follow…………………….

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