UK Railtours "Glorious Devon" Railtour, Saturday Sep 5th 2015

More Merrymaker than Railtour really, but a Summer Saturday trip to the West had to be done..

The tour started at Northampton and picked up at Milton Keynes, Tring and Watford Jn locally.

The Willesden surburban lines and Acton Canal Wharf link to the GW main line was the only

"rare" track.

 Sustained 95 mph running on load 13 across the desert as the sun set over the West Country on our return,

 with "skip" 67029 just 1  coach away was the highlight for many.

Tour phots

05091567029ar.jpg 67029 arrives at Tring to pick up  respectable number of passengers. The last loco hauled train i did off Tring was 47278 in Feb 83!

05091508799r.jpg Westbury white horse and resident yard "gronk" 08799

050915150128r.jpg Former Bletchey - Bedford regular, 150128 leaving Torre for Exeter

05091567029br.jpg 2 trams and the tour at Goodrington sidings

05091567029cr.jpg 67029 looking good in the late afternoon sun at Paignton with the return tour

11068831131n312071717palplr.jpg Back on June 11th 1988 31131 and 31206 are arriving with 1M65 1717 Paignton - Liverpool, with eth stock this was a "sticky" run back

05091567029dr.jpg 67029 back at Tring as the Tour is about to leave for MK and Northampton

And those looking forward to the West Coast October 16th Cardiff tour which called at Leighton, its cancelled!

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