GBRf 15 tour, Sep 2016

This 4 day extravaganza took the tour from Victoria to Swanage on day 1, Anglia on day 2, then overnight to Edinburgh, day 3 Edinburgh-Aberdeen -Inverness and finally day 4  Sunday September 11th which i and a few other "logs" men did primarily for the 87.

Day 3 Saturday September 10th

En route to Tweedbank,  i viewed both the overnight and day power at Waverley.

10091686401r.jpg 86401 rests at Waverley's South bays after working the tour North. Thunderbird 67021 rests between umpteen drags the week before due wires riots on the ECML

10091620096n107r.jpg Very rateable ex Scottish 20's 20096 and 20107 depart Waverly bound for Inverness via Aberdeen.

10091647739r.jpg 47739 was tour tail power to Inverness before powering South over the Highland line

Day 4 Sunday September 11th

A very relaxed 0912 departure from Edinburgh took 87002 South to Carstairs and the WCML. Sunday morning blockades saw a few checks and we were looped in Lockerbie

up goods loop for some Pendo to pass. Progress then quickened with a storm both up and down Shap before a first ever 87 run through St Helens Central to Lime St.

59003 then slogged across the Pennines for 92043 to storm South from Doncaster via Finsbury Pk and the Incline to Wembley Yard. Here the main event for some in green 66779 took us to Padd via the Greenford loop. 66715 then did the final honours to Reading.

11091687002r.jpg 87002 at Waverley prior to departure for the mileage move to Liverpool


11091687002cr.jpg 87002 twists round the curve at Carstairs South Jn


11091687002lsr.jpg 87002 takes a rest at Liverpool Lime St


11091659003r.jpg The sole GBRf 59003 at Liverpool prior to working the tour to Doncaster


11091692043r.jpg 92043 worked the tour from Doncaster to Wembley yard


11091666779r.jpg Apologies for quality but it was late (2300) and i had a tight plus to make the 2334 ex Euston. 66779 at Padd's blocks with the tour, this is the last 66 to be built and is named "Evening Star" and generated much excitement for some!!


A big thanks to all at GBRf for the tour itself and raising enormous sums for charity.     


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