Fife circle leaps and more, March 2012

With 2 hauled Fife Circle trains running Monday-Friday daytime loco haulage to Kirkcaldy,  Inverkiething, Dunfermline, and not forgetting Cardendendendenden….!

 2 sets of load 6 Mk IIe/f’s are used with 67 as power. Plenty of other bits to do too, albeit DMU/EMU operated


The trains..


2K01 - 0633 Edinburgh - Edinburgh via Kirkcalddy(0725) and Cardenden (0742) then via Dunfermline

2K18 - ECS ex Millerhill then 0736 Cardenden -- Edinburgh (via Dunfermline)

2G13 - 1708 Edinburgh - Edinburgh via Cardendeen (1759) then via Kirkcaldy (1823) stops for passing 170 in Dalmeny loop on return

2L69 - 1721 Edinburgh - Cardenden (via Dunfermmline (1755)) then ECS to Millerhill via Kirkcaldy




280212380106r.jpg To the blocks at North Berwick 380106 arrives with a morning service from Edinburgh, 270212


280212158733r.jpg Stirling semaphores survive to the South of the station, 158833 arrives on a Dunblane service, 280212


29021290039r.jpg A classic Edinburgh background for 90039 stabled for the day between S25/M16 turns, 290212


02031267009r.jpg Seeing double, 67009 is reflected in a builder’s screen at Waverly after working the 0736 ex Cardenden, 020312


02031267028r.jpg 67028 emerges from the roof reconstruction at Waverly after working the 0633 “full circle”, 020312


21088627052r.jpg Archive Fife power, 27052 at Dumfermline with the 0605 Edinburgh-Cowdenbeath, 210886


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