Daytripper leaps, Saturday April 21st 2001

By Spring 2001 Daytripper moves in the West Midlands were largely down to Inter Regionals and Euston-Wolves services.

Whilst the days of class 25’s on the 12 o’clock rats, 37’s, “roarers” and nb 47’s galore were long gone, a reasonably good number of

locos could be raked in with RES red machines always chased. A few unexpected bonus’s could occur, as they  did this sunny

day in the West Midlands


 At Leighton station we purchased our Leighton-Nuneaton Virgin pieces, a very useful ticket in being valid via Birmingham

and being cheaper than Virgin’s Coventry fare! At the Keynes an up freight block saw 86637/86638 on liners, 60076 on the

Bletchley stone followed by 47287 on another up liners, 90028 was on M16 Sleepers.

Our Wolves had a very disappointing 90015 up front but we opted to do it anyway, a booked totter via Northampton delaying

Us. Rugby had no thunderbird but 58026/58033/58045 stabled. At Coventry our “Daytrippers” were purchased and 47839 joined

on a Scotch. A basher friendly BSO allowed us seats and a loud performance from the 47 with a characteristic 100 ft high exhaust

plume leaving Wolves. Back at New St we had some difficulty getting off 47722 as the door locks had burst! More standard leaps


At Int’l a good crowd of bashers joined res 86243 on Bir Int’l-Euston service having run emcars from Stoke due a farce.

We did this to Coventry where we arrived on island platform 2 where we surprised to see not just a grey 90, but the uncommon

90040 waiting to depart on a Wolves! There was a huge laugh from the 90040’s driver as he looked back not just for the tip but at

30 or so bashers scrambling off the up to return from whence they’d just come, priceless moment!

A good few had their red pens out en route to Wolves, a few more res leaps and the big “Skoda” home. The consist was mainly

London based Soton and Wolves fans , a soche enough crowd. We overtook the 321 at Northampton so it was only a short

wait at the Keynes for the train home.


OK, I admit it’s all very insect like in terms of mileage and much of the power, but a cracking day out, all the same.

12 years on the “Daytripper” moves have changed, but survive,  with Moor St-Solihull-Dorridge being the current loco bashing

“top route”. This is ironic as it was the same “top route” in the 70’s with vast bashing crowds sampling

Hymek, 47 and “Wizzo” power. 


Daytripper Locos : (14)

47722, 47742, 47750, 47805, 47818, 47839, 47843, 47853

86223, 86243, 86417,

87023 ( the only “seven” viewed on WM services that day)

90015, 90040


Daytripper Moves:

321435}          0654 Euston - Birmingham     L.Buzzard-M.Keynes


90015              0700 Euston-Wolves               M.Keynes-Coventry

47839              0626 Poole-Glasgow               Coventry-Wolves

47722              0913 Liverpool-Plymouth       Wolves-New St

47805              0917 Manchester-Padd           New St-Bir Int’l

47742              0903 Padd-Manchester           Bir Int’l-New St

86417              0930 Euston-Stoke                 New St-Wolves

47843              1113 Manchester-Bir Int’l      Wolves-New St

87023              1319 Wolves-Euston               New St-Bir Int’l

86243              1425 Bir Int’l-Euston              Bir Int’l-Coventry

90040              1230 Euston-Wolves               Coventry-Wolves

47853              0840 Glasgow-Brighton         Wolves-Bir Int’l

47818              1413 Padd-Glasgow               Bir Int’l-New St

86430}            1530 Euston-Macclesfield      Bew St-Wolves


86233              1714 Macclesfield-Euston      Wolves-New St

47750              1418 Brighton-Manchester     New St-Wolves

90040              1919 Wolves-Euston               Wolves-M’Keynes (via Nor)

321430}          1936 Birmingham-Euston       M.Keynes-L.Buzzard



Daytripper phots

210401864170930etstoker.jpg It’s red!, 86417 at Wolves with the 0930 Euston-Stoke, 210401

210401862431425bieur.jpg 86243 with the 1425 Bir Int’l-Euston at Int’l, 210401

210401900401230etwor.jpg Nicely weathered, 90040 at Wolves after unexpectedly producing on the 1230 Euston-Wolves

More Daytripper memories from earlier times to follow…………..

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