The Cumbrian Mountain Express, Saturday Feb 11th 2012

It seems that to enjoy classic UK electric haulage on Railtours you have to go to Bulgaria or join a steam tour.

The “Railway Touring Company’s regular February (and now late Spring) offered both 86259 haulage and

a run over the “S n C”. A good day, helped by the snow both South of Rugby and in parts of the Pennines,

fast Trent Valley running and steam heated stock on the steam hauled sections…

Tour phot spot.

11021286259mkr.jpg In temps of around minus 8 86259 arrives at the Keynes with the tour

11021287035r.jpg The nose of the APT looks of an older design than the sleek lines of 87035 at Crewe Her C  

11021286259prrrr.jpg 86259 leaving Preston heading 0Z00 for Carnforth

11021270013ribr.jpg Pennine gloom over Ribblehead

110212dentr.jpg Steamin through Dent, the snow cover at the time was deeper at Leighton!

110212applbr.jpg “Oliver Cromwell” during a water stop at Appleby, the stock steaming nicely too

11021287002carlr.jpg 87002 stabled between ice scraping turns at Carlisle. A good few would have preferred her rather than the k back to Carnforth or the can!

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