The Concrete Cow Tour, 21st January 2012

An enjoyable jaunt that started from Paddington, then down the Brentford and Colnbrook freight only branches, then the NLL to Acton Canal Wharf before descending into Wembley Yd. A totter to Tring (we were right behind an all stations) then a faster run through Leighton and Wolverton. A reversal here onto Wolverton's centre siding then down the "hole" onto the Incline siding/headshunt. A second reversal then "under the boards"  to the tracks to the far left of the WCML past Tesco then kissing the buffers at the far North end of Haversham bank, close to the WCML beyond Wolverton station. Much interest from locals and photographers on this section.
A further reversal, a fast run to Northampton with a quick return then the highlight for many, climbing high onto Bletchley flyover and continuing west for 1m440 yards to the current blocks at Newton Longville. As the sun went down we returned across the flyover but turned right on the Fenny section of the flyover. Another reversal at Fenny, then a stop at Bletchley before a return to Euston.
Motive power was an unispiring 66085/213 in top and tail with a genny van (a former 1958 vintage pressed steel  brake generator 6310 (ex 975325) converted in 1973 to supply three-phase supply to loco hauled mark 3 HST sets then again modified in 1999 to supply conventional electric supply to loco hauled coaching stock seemed noisier than the sheds...) plus 10 x mk i/ii.

The relief tour is running again on 2801, book it if ye can, you'll enjoy the day out

Tour Phot Spot

210112paddr.jpg Paddington platform screen shows a rare tour destination

21011208927r.jpg†The former Southall shed is viewed from the Brentford branch with WCRC 33207, 08780 (blue)and 08927 visible

21011212049r.jpg†Brentford Goods aggregate terminal, once the haunt of former Bletchley legend 12049

21011266085watr.jpg66085 is up front approaching Watford Jn

21011266085hbr.jpgTo the far left of the WCML 66085 heads North towards Haversham bank

21011266085wolr.jpg 66085 waits at Stratford bridge awtg the all clear to towards Haversham bank a Mark Beal phot

210112worksconnr.jpgViewed from the tour, is the connection leading into the operational Works buildings




Andrew Chambers view of the tour about to climb out the incline to Northampton

21011266213awolr.jpg 66213 heading South towards Wolverton station on the return from Northampton, a Mark beal phot

21011266085bfr.jpg†Heading down Bletchley Flyover

21011266085bletr.jpg Returning from out West 66085 returns over the Bletchley flyover a Mark Beal phot

21011266085summr.jpg†Robin Morelís over the flyover Summit view

21011266213bleyyr.jpg 66213 waiting time at Bletchley prior to returning to Euston, a Mark Beal phot

21011266213r.jpg†Busy Bletchley during a pathing/photo stop

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