The Cambrian Coast Express Saturday July 16th 2011

A simple out and back Euston - Abertystwyth tour with a loco change at Salop. Very unsoche timings perhaps spoiled the day?.A booked departure time of 0547 from Euston saw a 1253 arrival in Aberystwyth! The return 1550 from Aber saw a 2209 arrival at the Keynes and 2318 into Euston. The Saturday evening “twin track WCML” saw a booked 20 minute stop at Hanslope to allow 2 virtually empty Pendos to pass. Hardly encourages more Charters does it? Still the sun shone on a Summer Saturday in Aber, just like in the 80’s, the tractors thrashed and hurtled along the Cambrian in particular and we all look forward to a return visit behind a pair of “rats” soon...

15071137510n087r.jpg Andrew Chambers was at Soulbury catch 37510 and 087 with Friday’s 15th’s positioning tour

15071137510n087etnr.jpg MIB catches the pair at the blocks at Euston after arrival with Fridays positioning tour

16071137511n087lbr.jpg Tractors at “top shack”, in the 0630 gloom 37087 and 510 approach Linslade tunnel, 160711

16071037510n087mkr.jpg RM was at Milton Keynes to catch the big pair

15071137904n903abbr.jpg “Canary snouts” in quadruple!, 37903 (37178) and 304 (37217) reflected on the old platform 4 and 5 shops at Aberystwyth blocks, ta to MIB  

16071197304n303r.jpg In the process of running round the 37’s bask in Aber’s afternoon sun

17071137087n510r.jpg Tractors at the Keynes, 37087 and 37510 with yet another pathing stop

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