Caledonian Sleeper variety, June 2015

In recent weeks due to failures and other farces class 37,47,67,87,90 and 92 have all appeared on the sleepers. Locally under Scotrail operation

we had a diet of 90 and more 90's. This past week alone class 87, 90 and 92 have all featured on 1M16 alone. Another twist from next week is that

1S25 will split at Carlisle with the Inverness portion going via the old Mossend route with diesel haulage from Carlisle to Inverness.

Edinburgh, 110615 thanks to "DJ"

11061547847ar.jpg Could easily pass for an early 90's scene, large logo 47847 with the 2340 Edinburgh - Carstairs portion of 1M11

11061547847br.jpg Class 47 as portion power in 2015!

London Euston, 120615 thanks to "DJ"

12061592018r.jpg 92018 at the blocks with 1M11

Old Linslade, 240616

24061590039r.jpg In the shadow of "the tree" 90039 passes under bridge 139 with 1M16. GBRf now have a 90 on mid term hire, with a standby 90 at Crewe too.

Chelmscote, 250615

25061587002r.jpg A rogue gust of wind slightly ripples the still foreground canal waters as 87002 passes with 1M16. This was 002's last run of her 2nd spell.

Ledburn, 270615

27061592018r.jpg 92018 passes Ledburn on a glorious Saturday morning with 1M16

May the variety continue all Summer long!

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