More “Butterly Bulldog” memories


Memorable phots of that classic local tour from a few years ago now from Trev Rolfe with thanks


DAA “daft as arseholes” Tours                                                      Sunday August 14th 1983


Ching £13-95


Power    Route

31304}   Euston-Bletchley-Weedon-Rugby-Nuneaton


20153}   Nuneaton-Saltley-Dorridge-Hatton N-Stratford


20167}  Stratford-Henley-Shirley-New St


20077}   New St-Whiteacre-Toton


37065}   Toton-Pye Hill-Ironville


44004    Ironville-Hammersmith

13809(K) Butterly-Ironville

37065}   Ironville-Pye Hill-Toton-Loughborough-Leicester


31320}   Leicester-Bedford-St. Pancras



Trev Rolfe’s photspot


14088331101m31304trr.jpg  31101 and 31304 at Euston prior to working the first leg of the “DAA”tour North  

14088320153n167trr.jpg After replacing the 31’s at Nuneaton, 20153 and 20167 worked to Stratford on Avon and are seen reversing the emcars out to run round




20077 and 20178 round Whiteacre Jn with the Bulldog tour

14088344004trrr.jpg immaculate D4 “Great Gable” with the tour at Hammersmith on the MRC  


14088337042n065trrr.jpg 37042 and 37065 at Nottingham with the return Bulldog


Many thanks to Trev for sharing his phots of this truly classic tour

 Our original Butterly Bulldog article and phots is here!!

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