Bletchley “down bay” remembered

Bletchley “down bay”/”Parcels dock”/ “newspaper sidings”  whatever you called them were finally lifted in early 2013.

As Robin Morel comments below:

“ As nippers, We spent many an hour at the end of the station car park at Bletchley watching services on the mainline, the Bedford Branch and over the flyover, the newspaper sidings off the down fast also providing mail trains  being loaded, I even recall an exhibition train being stabled here. In later years the 3 sidings reduced to two with the extension of the mail facility, then to one with the siding nearest the fence line being covered over, but physically connected. A regular haunt for Thunderbird loco stabling, then finally just EMU stabling.With the almost total use of multiple unit trains now, the useful down siding has seen many a defective coach or wagon 'knocked off' here either with hot axle box or other defect but now it has all gone - with no facility at all to detach anything on the down fast locally.

We used to watch the “gronk” shunt the sidings after  completing the "Z" move from the arrival siding into station, then out crossing all lines via the long gone middle crossovers. I also recall a class 85 on a down cobbler working forgetting to stop at Bletchley, someone pulled the cord and it stopped all coaches off the platform, the slam doors swinging open and the regular commuters dismounting and walking across the sidings through the poorly secured fence and into homeward bound cars!”……..


11068108927r.jpg Thanks to “RM” for this Bletchley down bay view of 08927 and newspaper van in 1981

118183009r.jpg 83009 has a quiet weekend in Bletchley bay as spare engine in April 1982

03088647626r.jpg Thanks to Steve Kesterton for this Summer 86 view of 47626 with a Northampton bound parcels "in the dock"

170493305516r.jpg 305516 displaying Hadfield up front peresumbly off Wolverton works awaits a return North in the dock, 170493

29048986501r.jpg Freight sector 86501 is stabled on a sunny 290489. This was the first of a short lived freight only version of 86’2’s. 501 soon reverting to her 86258 identity, a “MB” phot

21069147522r.jpg 47522 in parcels red with vans for Northampton on 210691, an "MB" phot

25060587013byr.jpg 87013 in Bletchley bay as thunderbird early on 250605, hilarious events in North Wales with a “Skoda” being dumped at Llandudno Jn, saw 87013 scrambled to work the return Holyhead-Euston ex Crewe and a few more class 1 turns that day, some days after Virgin’s dull media farewell to the class 87 on their trains!

190309dockr.jpg A dull depressing day records the sad scene of the down bay devoid of tracks, just memories left. Taken on 190313.

More Bletchley Parcels Dock, plus the Field Sidings, Cambridge Sidings, TMD all to follow, contributions always appreciated

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