Bletchley loco stabling sidings 1983-2004

Lines of class 25 (rats) or 31’s (goyles) stabled at Bletchley Field/Holding sidings were a familiar site to us all. Before late 1983 it was a virtual class 25

monopoly on the Field sidings, apart from the 08 pilot. The class 31 encroachment then set in and by 1987 our “rats” were no more. The late 80’s saw the traffic

worked by the Bletchley locos and crews steadily decline and by the mid 90’s it became rare to see loco stabled in the “Field Sidings”.

On the wonderful fully privatised WCML, locos did return to the Field Sidings with Virgin “thunderbirds” stabled on occasions. By 2007 these duties had ceased with

a Rugby “Thunderbird” providing cover. Track alterations with the closure of Bletchley PSB saw the Field sidings ripped up in 2012 leaving a single “hopper siding”

for the stone train, stabled locos no more……………….


Sample 1980’s Bletchley loco turns


1/  Tring - Kings X cements

2/ Forders - Kings X “brickies” (Fletliner)

3/ Hartshill - Nuneaton - Bletchley/Willesden ballast

4/ Bletchley - Akeman “UKF” trip

5/ Parcels traffic to Aylesbury/Bedford/Euston/Northampton

6/ Engineers turns from a single crane to the BY wiring train

7/ Drags due ole isolations, especially emergency isolations

8/ Failures - DMU assists on the Bedford - Bletchley

                   Disabled electric loco assists to Euston and beyond!


Initially the surviving work was lost to various London and Rugby “depots” but with privatisation most turns were lost to rail traffic, such is progress…


Sample power  April 24th 1982


The amount of power stabled at Bletchley varied by day and time. 2 sizeable lines of stabled “rats” greeted me late on Saturday 24th April 1982 prior to these fine machines taking up engineer’s turns. Bletchley “Field Sidings” that evening had 08374, 25027, 25168, 25181, 25248, 25288, 25289, 25296, 25317, 25319  all stabled in the gloom. A fine collection of “small Sulzers”




Stabled Bletchley power phots - Part One


02058347489byr.jpg 47’s were often stabled prior to booked “drags”. Here its 47489 prior to working an Oban-West Ruislip return Charter forward from Bletchley Flyover via Aylesbury on 020583


21068325145ndmur.jpg With the familiar white fence prominent at the time 25145 is stabled as a DMU passes on the nearby Flyover from Aylesbury to Bletchley TMD 210683


14018425064r.jpg Once of Cricklewood “Terrible ten” fame, “terrible” because 5213-5222 were so terribly common, 25064 shows her Scottish works outshopping whilst ED based in the late 70’s . 25064 is stabled on 140184  


26048425173n279r.jpg 25173 heads a mixed line of stabled 25’s and 31’s on 260484, note the “Prestflos” in what now is the “Hopper siding”


03088531418r.jpg Thanks to Steve Kesterton for this Summer 86 view of 31418 and classmates, plus an 08. 25’s were rarer at BY by now



23029047007r.jpg Thanks to Mark Beal for this view of 47007 stabled on 230290


 10010457305.jpg And then came the “Ronnies!” Virgin thunderbird 57305 is stabled on 100004


More to follow, contributions always welcome


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