The Aylesbury Vale Venturer Mini Tour, September 5th 2009

Ran by fledgling “Joint Line railtours” this was a “Mini tour” using the stock and power off “Joint Line’s” “Merry-Le-Bone”

main tour from Worksop via the Joint and Chiltern main lines to Marylebone. The tour probably saw the first ever 33 hauled

passenger train at Marylebone.  This is unless a 33 off their booked Thame oil turns dragged a failed DMU to the “Bone” in the

70/80’s as they certainly rescued loco hauled power on the Birmingham-Risboro-Paddingturn loco hauled turns more than once.

Anyway back to the Aylesbury Vale Venturer which for a bargain £10 allowed some decent local loco hauled mileage

We left Marylebone right time with 37516 up front, a sit where you want policy on a busy train (load 8 plus BG, van) allowed us

to enjoy the sounds from 37516 in the tight confines of Lords Tunnel. This proved too much for one younger enthusiast, perhaps he

was more used to 37’4’s for mileage as he was evicted at Wembley Stadium for his behaviour, game over for this chap.

Thrashing through Wycombe then Saunderton bank, Marsh and Aylesbury (non stop) in good sun was great fun before the usual stagger

out Waddesdon way. A Quainton (£2 ching) visit or staying on to Claydon were the tour options. We bailed at Quainton and the 40 minute

stop on a now grey Saturday afternoon was more than enough!

The highlight for many was to follow on the return South with the unlikely sight of a “slim” 33207 curving through Aylesbury and

lonely Marsh Crossing before some excellent thrash on the short sharp climb to Saunderton. A burst of wrong line working at Wycombe

saw us get round the up local for a good run back to Marylebone. Great fun and well done to “Joint Line Tours” for getting a “slim” into one

of the few London termini they hadn’t previously done.  37516 (the former 37086) as a North Eastern 37’er was also a well received

loco on the day…

“Aylesbury Vale Venturer” phot spot

05090933207ar.jpg A first for Marylebone blocks with 33207 resting after working the “Merry-le-Bone” tour from Worksop

05090933207br.jpg  A rare Quainton “slim” view with 33207 arriving with the return “Venturer” tour at Quainton  

05090937516r.jpg 37516 (086) is an unfamiliar Marylebone visitor at the rear of the up “Venturer” tour

05090933207Fr.jpg Haste ye back, 33207 tails the return main tour north out of Marylebone with the 37 powering

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