Aylesbury class 20 phot spot 1985-2012

Class 20’s were never regular visitors to Aylesbury in BR days. Whilst they would work to Chinnor via Risboro on coal trainsfrom the Midlands,  they rarely visited Aylesbury except for the much missed annual Rail Days. In more recent years they have been hired in for BRT telecommunications use and for moving brand new Met Line stock from Old Dalby to Ruislip depots. Class 20’s also appear regularly on Met line special events.

08068520023r.jpg 20023 sparkles in new Railfreight livery at an Aylesbury Rail Day on 080685, ta to Trev Rolfe for the phot

20068720053r.jpg 20053 on display at the Aylesbury Rail Day on 200687. Shortly after this photo was taken a driver arrived and before starting the 20 up he opened every side door to check for possible enthusiasts lurking in dark corners!

20068720053riaylr.jpg This must rate as one of Aylesbury’s rarest ever service train workings. Standing in for the usual DMU 20053 worked the 1540 Aylesbury Risboro and return working, 20053 is seen here with the return working on 200687. The on train “grip” was a guard with a charity tin, unforgettable days at Aylesbury

02019420118n169r.jpg Hired in I belive for contractor’s resignalling/cableing trains 20118 and 20169 rest in the siding at Aylesbury station on 020194

12011220905n901r.jpg  20905 and 20901 with 7X09 Old Dalby-Ruislip A stock delivery around midnight at Aylesbury on 120112, ta to Mark Beal for the phot

01031220142n227r.jpg 20142 and 20227 with 7X09 Old Dalby-Ruislip A stock delivery move on 010312, ta to Robin Morel for the phot

10101220901n905r.jpg 20901 and 20905 with 7X09 Old Dalby-Ruislip A stock delivery around midnight at Aylesbury on 101012, ta to Andrew Chambers for the phot

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