"Any roarer's out?" Saturday April 5th 1986

 "Roarer" bashing was never straightforward, especially at weekends.

Sometimes at the Euston end, a procession of cans would depart on Saturday mornings with the "roarers" departing on ECS to Wembley CS never to be seen again. Other Saturdays

when 86/87 power was short you had a choice of "roarers".


Heading South to Euston on the 310's, there was gloom on crossing 85028 heading North on a Wolves with 85023 right behind on a "Grand Nationalex". Had Euston kicked them all out we feared?. It was Easter Saturday so there were a few Relief trains leaving Euston mid morning so we hoped one would work said relief.


At Euston we met up with Dave dangling a TOPS print in front of him. Our "Any roarer's out" question was met with a "sort of" reply. As then gen list below there were a good few "roarers" out, but not of Euston!


So fortified with a "Casey Jones" breakfast we joined the only quoted service train we could do. It was 85022, a very common machine but with 22 also allocated back from Crewe we had 300 plus miles of a roaring, howling, screaming beast to travel behind, all enjoyed in a cosy half empty front coach of a rake of Mk 1's.


As we screamed North we crossed both 85014 and 85036 on passenger duties. At Crewe there were several more, also 33017 failed on a Manchester - Cardiff  to be replaced by a duller 47459. Our fears that control would swap 85022 for 86222 proved unfounded and we had the same "roarer" home to Euston.  


On the 310 unit back to Leighton i again borrowed the TOPS printout to list all the roarers out on class 1 passenger turns, namely:


81008, 85004, 85007, 85009, 85011, 85014, 85017, 85019, 85022, 85023, 85028, 85029, 85036, 85040,  


Thats 14, not bad, but not exceptional in 1986. Happy days on the WCML!!!.



                                                            5/4/86 Sa

066}    0725 M.Keynes-Euston                                                                      LB-EU


85009  1S53 0726 Coventry-Glasgow                      

85028  1J20 0730 Euston-Shrewsbury

85023  0735 Euston-Aintree Charter

85022  0955 Euston-Holyhead Relief                                                            EU-CR

85014  1G06 1135 Manchester-Birmingham

85036  1A43 1155 Manchester-Euston

85019  Liverpool-Witton Footex

85017  1S39 0734 Poole-Glas/Edin

85040  1120 Euston-Manchester Footex

85007  Liverpool-Witton Footex

85029  1O25 0945 Glasgow-Poole

33017  1V05 1345 Manchester-Cardiff …failed-Crewe

47459  1V05 1345 Manchester-Cardiff

81008  1G73 1356 Preston-Birmingham

33011 1M84 1200 Cardiff-Crewe

85004  1245 Glasgow-Cardiff Relief

85011  1115 Glasgow-Harwich

85022  1310 Holyhead-Euston Relief                                                            CR-EU

082      1902 Euston-M.Keynes                                                                      EU-LB



Here’s classmate 85021 hovering at Euston on another Saturday Morning on 120388. A tour was expected hence the large number of cranks present.




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