87006 on tour, PTG “Great Bulgarian Track Bash, -7th October 2011

A good old fashioned main line storm, screaming motors, photo stops, a few familiar WCML men! Also non stop sun - happy days in Bulgaria!

07101187006varnar.jpg “Dreadful!”, 87006 waits to back onto the tour stock at Varna in the far West of Bulgaria

07101187006vedr.jpg The first of many photo stops (remember them!) was at Vedvora mid morning

07101187006szr.jpg A lunch break saw the “seven” under the impressive canopy at Stara Zagora

07101187006sepr.jpg Softer late afternoon light at Septemvri

07101181002r.jpg Even 81002 produced at Septemvri on the narrow guage system!

07101187006sofr.jpg The tour at the final destination Sofia after 13 hours and 650 plus kms of nostalgic “seven” action

Bulgaria “seven’s” where viewed…October 2011

87003 - in service, Pirdop

87004 - Sofia depot (viewed from plane, ta Easy jet!”)

87006 - in service on PTG tour

87007 - in service, Pirdop

87008 - oos, Pirdop

87010 - in service, Pirdop

87012 - in service, Pirdop

87013 - oos, Pirdop

87014 - Sofia depot

87019 - not viewed

87020 - in service, Pirdop

87022 - oos, Pirdop

87026  in service, Pirdop

87028 in service, Pirdop

87033 in service, Pirdop

87034 in service, Pirdop

Head East and sample Bulgaria and their real railway, you won’t regret it!

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