87002 on tour , Friday 28 Sep 2012

“Modern Railways” mag to their great credit hired in 87002 to work the Kings X - York leg of their “Golden Jubilee tour”.

100 mph timings on the Kings X - Peterborough leg maintained in style. Unfortunately the return run was more sedate

Newly named 66745 tottered South with a painfully slow crawl through Gainsborough Lea Rd to Newark with 87002 dead on

the back throughout! 4 and half hours York-Stevenage! A disappointment at the NRM was that 87001 was locked away in

The being redeveloped freight depot and couldn’t be viewed. Non dining accommodation was load 2……

Very much a tour of two halves!

28091287002fpr.jpg “PB” was on hand to record 87002 taking the morning emcars from Wembley through Finsbury Park prior to reversal

28091287002kxr.jpg Unfamiliar backdrop 87002 at the Cross with a few trams alongside

28091287002ykar.jpg 87002 at York after the crowds had gone to the shed naming ceremony

28091287002br.jpg A common combination at Glasgow C in earlier times, but not any more.  91102 is on down Newcastle.  

28091287002ykcr.jpg 87002 in Holgate Sidings prior to working the emcars back to York in the late afternoon and then it was pan down

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