Classic trains remembered, the final 1G21/B05 December 22nd 2006


1G21 1651 Euston - Birmingham,

1B05 1900 Birmingham - Euston 

ran June 12th-December 22nd 2006 with a few gaps!


After scares of the turn finishing with the 10 December 2006  timetable change proved unfounded we approached in freezing weather the last few days. And so, on 22nd December after various wires down farces even put the last run in some doubt 87002 left Euston. A good few of us festered at Rugby for G21 that freezing evening as we had done since warmer June days when it had first started, and it was good to see those distinctive triple lights round the corner before we all piled aboard. New St saw seminars, much photting and chatting amongst us bashers perhaps as a group for the last time.

            The final B05 to Euston followed with just "soche" bashers in the rear coach with ritualistic flails, the odd bellow (2003 at Leighton!) plus a storming run made it memorable. Then it was Euston that was to witness much hooting, applause and cries of "my lords" as 87002 departed with the ECS and disappeared into the fog atmospherically swirling around Camden Bank….THE END…………………..


A huge thanks to all the staff and others that made G21/B05 happen, gone but never forgotten….



Final G21/B05 phot spot


Birmingham Int’l thanks to Red Cow


 Proudly carrying the “electric Scot” headboard 87002 awaits the tip in the freezing fog at Int’l on the final G21


New St

 The platform side of 87002 was a chaotic mass of bashers and staff, a quieter scene is captured here



 Time for a last seminar at Euston


 Game over, 87002 about to depart emcars into the fog engulfing Camden Bank, much hooting, cheering and bellowing followed. Perhaps a huge chunk of WCML quality went with her too.


More R90/G21/B05 memories phots to follow, contributions welcome


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