86501 no more, June 2016

A little bit more current WCML variety is lost with 86501 emerging in recent weeks as 86608,

making her just another 86'6. From May 2000 86501 (aka Catherine) had been a welcome

sight working Freightliner turns singly taking advantage of her regearing for higher pulling

power. All other Freightliner 86'6 turns are normally in pairs. 86501 has survived 2 fires in

recent times including one at Skew Bridge, Bletchley but spent much of 2016 out of service

prior to conversion and renumbering to her former 86608 number. She still however retains

some individuality when fronting a pair of 86'6's with her distinctive lighter yellow lemon


86501 loco history

New to the WCML as E3180 in July 65 and renumbered 86008 in June 73 as a classic mixed traffic loco working passenger, parcels and freight by day and night.

By 1982 86'0's were nominally restricted to 80mph to save track damage. Modified wheelsets and multi working fitments followed with her renumbered 86408 in

Nov 85 but she was still a mixed traffic machine as now a 100 mph machine again until sectorisation saw her become 86608 in Oct 89 with a nominal 75 mph

speed restricton and eth isolated to restrict her to parcels, speedlink and liner turns.

Regearing saw her become the unique** (see photo below) 86501 from May 2000 - 2016.


Sample passenger turns

86008  1S26 2330 (05/06) Euston - Glasgow sleeper ex Kings Langley after 86242 failed.

Loco derailed at speed, unfortunately with fatalities at Nuneaton early on 060675. A 100 mph loco at this time.


 86008 1A08 1000 Wolverhampton-Euston (ex Nuneaton25 failed)  120284 -

            On a Sunday morning with Nuneaton drags, 87025 failed  at Nuneaton, so 86008 worked a, by then rare daytime passenger working as 80mph restricted.


86008  1F24 1411 Birmingham-Liverpool 080984 - (WCML power shortage, 80 mph restricted)

86008  1B06 1714 Euston - Northampton 130285 ( WCML power shortage, 80 mph restricted)

86408  0902 Northampton-Euston 220887 (a regular Cobbler performer, vice class 81-85)


86408 1640 Wolverhampton-Euston 230388


86408 1140 Glasgow-Euston Relief   090989 (a "roarer bowler" turn!)        

86608  Crewe - Rugby leg of "Marching Cat" Railtour 200997

Details vague, 86501 assisted a failed late evening Virgin service from Ledburn to Watford Jn to clear the running lines in Spring 2004.


"East-Ender" Railtour - February 5th 2005, 86501 worked from Southend Victoria to Stratford and Wembley Yd via the NLL.  


86501 and other guises phot spot


29048986501r.jpg ** Thanks to Mark Beal heres the other 86501 in Bletchley Parcels dock on 290489. From May 88 - Oct 89 8 class 86'2's were converted to 86'5's for dedicated freight work. Such were the power issues on the WCML that they all reverted to 86'2 and primarily parcels and passenger work by Autumn 89, 501 reverting to 86258 "Talyllyn". Images of the short lived 86'5 fleet are quite rare so thanks to Mark for this image.


09088486008r.jpg Thanks to Trev Rolfe for this Sandwell & Dudley view of 86008 on a rare daytime class 1 move namely 1F24 1411 Birmingham - Liverpool on 090884.

27019086608webr.jpg 86608 on a Mossend-Arpley Speedlink stops for a crew change at Carlisle on 270190.



07031186501n90045r.jpg 86501 pilots a failed 90045 at bridge 139, Old Linslade on 4M81, 070311



 10021286501r.jpg 86501 in the snow at Old Linslade with 4L41, 100212




21081386501r.jpg Summer at Chelmscote with 86501 on 4M44 on a warm, sultry 210813




Now back in action, but as 86608 the former 86501 has 86638 for company on 4M87 at Old Linslade on 100616


Any more 86501 memories to share?


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