81016 last fatal working, Thursday 9th December 1982

Around 2 am on Thursday 9th December the 2255 (8/12) 1S18 Euston - Glasgow running 140 late due earlier eth problems was switched

to the Down slow at Ledburn Jn just South of Leighton Buzzard. 81016 then collided with several lengths of rail which had fallen off 6M86

Healey Mills - Willesden "Speedlink" some 30 minutes earlier inside Linslade tunnel. The loco was immediately derailed scraping the tunnelwall,

demolishing overhead catenary at 75 mph before the main impact with the bridge pier of Stoke Road bridge. This impact demolished the loco's cab

tragically killing the driver, the secondman who was driving, was injured as 1S18 careered on a further 60 yards before coming to a stand close

to Old Linslade churchyard.

In all 13 of the 14 coaches were derailed but all remained upright and no passengers were injured. Late on December 10th 81016 was dragged North

on wheelskates to Bletchley TMD by 08235. After being turned 81016 was dragged to Crewe works on January 19th 1983. With such severe damage

the loco was officially withdrawn on July 11th 1983.

After appearing at several Works open days the derelict loco was finally cut at Crewe Works in July 1985�

09128281016oldlinwebr.jpgMid morning after the derailment and 81016 lies wrecked at Old Linslade 091282. N.Ross collection phot

10128281016bwebr.jpgThe following day sees 81016 rerailed with a new wheelset and wheeskate fitted. Work is underway removing the wrecked pan, 101282

10128208235n81016webr.jpg08235 has worked up from Bletchley to drag 81016 North to Bletchley TMD late afternoon on 101282

088381016webr.jpg81016 festered around inside and Outside Crewe works for 18 months. Seen here in Aug 823. Thanks to Mr Ratty for the phot

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