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Many local connections with this particular "slim Jim" from cement trains to Luton in the 70's, to a few local railtours in more recent years. As an operational WCRC loco lets hope her visits continue.....


Delivered new as D6592 in March 62 to Hither Green depot this Hastings guage "Crompton" was to remain Hither Green based for much of her career. Renumbered 33207 in Feb 74 this loco was to remain a classic mixed traffic machine with East Grinstead commuter turns alternating with parcels duties plus Hastings line gypsum flows and cement along with other Southern Region freight traffic.   


D6592's first recorded to our area was on August 23rd 1972 when she worked 0M54 Hither Green - Luton Bute St to return home on 6M54 cemeents, a booked 33 turn for many years. 33207 would have replaced a 25 at Luton and then worked the 16 bogie cement empties forward South to the headshunt alongside the MML.

Next came a spectacular reversal where the hard working "slim Jim" would reverse at some speed the complete train up the grade over the "new" chord and onto the Down Fast platform at Luton. The train would be propelled back further so the loco was alongside the newspaper dock before a spirited thrashing departure over the crossover to the Up fast followed by several miles of sustained "thrash" on the climb to Chiltern Green.  33207 worked the Northfleet cements many times after that, with a rare foray to Dunstable for 6M54 on 120385.



Recorded commuter turns out of London Bridge are quite common, 2 personal ones are

040676 - worked the last East Grinstead (booked a "slim")

120377 - Bleary eyed after a rough overnight from South Wales i was at Oxted to join

33207 on the 0719 East Grinstead - London Bridge. 33035/048/038 were also raked in on "commuters" that morning

300879 - 33207 was again on the last commuter and an enjoyable thrash on the long climb to Norwood Jn on the 1821 London Bridge - East Grinstead    




33207 has also featured on several Railtours with the SEG "Birmingham Boomerang" passing Leighton on the outward Craven Arms bound leg of the tour on 160684


HRT's "Eden Serpent" tour on a grey 081186 took 33202 and 33207 on a high mileage move to Carlisle. Operating via Oxford this brought 33207 to the S and C.


Perhaps one of 33207's last visits to the Midland at Luton saw her on 290990's "Sulzer Rose" tour from Eastleigh to Sheffield throughout paired up with 33042.


"Joint Line Railtours" deserve much praise for their 060909 main tour from Worksop to Marylebone (wih 37517) plus the mini tour to Quainton and Calvert. "Cromptons" on passenger calling at Marylebone and Quainton were a reported "first"  for the class, so more local fame for 33207.




As the 70/80's progressed the class 33's operating area on passenger turns spread far and wide from the staple "Commuter" and Waterloo - Exeter turns. A  few sample near and far turns below...


33207 1010 Exeter SD - Waterloo 240977

33207 pilot DEMU 1036 ex Tunbridge Wells 1845 Charing X - Hastings 161185


33207 1V09 1408 Holyhead – Cardiff 270986  


33207  0830 Brighton - Cardiff (to Bristol TM) 091287


33205}            1510 Cardiff-Brighton (ex Bristol TM ) 130288



33207  1655 Waterloo - Exeter SD 080891




33207 survived into the privitised railway as an EWS loco until withdrawn on 130297.

Harry Needle purchased her and she was at the "Railway Age" Crewe in early 1998 before Fragonset, DRS and now WCRC ownership.


She is often at WCRC's Southall base and is popular on the short ECS duties mainly associated with steam tours out of London Terminals. It was great to see 33207 at the blocks at Euston with ECS on April 2nd 2016. It was even better after the tour had departed and 33207 then followed light engine with that distinctive thrash echoing off Euston's low roof.

Long may it continue 33207!!!


33207 Phot spot


16068433207webr.jpg 33207 approaches Leighton with the SEG's "Birmingham Boomerang" tour on 160684

08118633202n207webr.jpg 33202 and 33207 cross Ribblehead with the "Eden Serpent"tour from Clapham Jn which the slims worked throughout on 081186


06090933207mwebr.jpg  33207 is probably a first Crompton passenger working into Marylebone with the "Joint line" Merry-le-Bone Railtour on 060909.


06060633207r.jpgQuainton slim! 33207 arrives at Quainton with the return "1Z38 Aylesbury Vale Venturer mini tour from Calvert to Marylebone on 060909


02041633207r.jpg With 86101 on 1M11 alongside its good to see 33207 at Euston on 020416


Any more 33207 memories/photos to share?



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