The trains we did, from 1981- the “Stranraer – Kilmarnock” remembered….


2B05 1035 Stranraer - Kilmarnock    

2A39 1343 Kilmarnock – Stranraer


This was a train I wish I did, many thanks  to “GJ” for gen on a train few of us  sampled.



This classic, but short lived,  “wiggly line” train ran Monday to Saturdays only during the 1981 Summer timetable and from 1 June – 26 September only. Stock was normally 5 or 6 dual heat, dual braked Mk 1’s from off 1S06 Euston- Stranraer overnight.


We believe this train “never” got an EH loco, as the 47’4 off  S06 did the daytime Mk IIe  1315 Stranraer – Euston and return to and from Carlisle. Power for the 1035 Stranraer – Kilmarnock and 2A39 return was very much off a freight turn (possibly from Kingmoor) to Stranraer.


GJ advises of 25/26/27/40/47’0 and 47’3 (no tractor’s!)” all working 2B05/2A39 making it a classic, solid South West Scottish train in terms of power, consist and route. Despite this quality power, few bashers covered it, as a blind 4 hour fester at Stranraer off S06 deterred many. It was more accessible to Ayr based men though. The train hardly gets a mention in “Timewarp” or in the mags.    



The “Maybole move” – DMU’s still monopolised the Stranraer  - Glasgows at this time so to think a loco hauled Maybole leap was possible is pretty outrageous.

The standard Maybole move was 2A39 from Ayr arr Maybole 1431. This would cross the 1315 Stranraer  Euston (dep Maybole 1444) 4 miles further South at Kilkerran making it a safe plus 13.



Calling pattern…2B05 - Stranraer H-1035, Barrhill-1116, Girvan-1137, Maybole-1155, Ayr-1211/1225, Prestwick -1230, Troon -1236, Kilmarnock- 1252. (GSW connections here)


2A39 – Kilmarnock-1343, Troon – 1359, Prestwick-1405, Ayr 1416/1418, Maybole 1431, Girvan 1447, Barrhill – 1511, Stranraer 1601


Sample power – thanks to “GJ” for this unique gen


030681  27211

090681  26036

130681  25184

080781  40101

140781 40194

200781 25057

220781  47280           

230781 25239

290781  27030

030881  27029

290881 40063

310881 25323

010981  25226

050981  25254

120981  27034

170981 25298

180981  25234


2B05/2A39 Phot Spot…click on the thumbnail for a larger image



Kilmarnock’s bays do not feature in many 80’s hauled phots, “GJ’s” view of Bescot’s’25184 with 2A39 1343 Kilmarnock-Stranraer on 130681.



Kilmarnock’s bays do not feature in many 80’s hauled phots, “GJ’s” view of 25254 with 2A39 1343 Kilmarnock-Stranraer on 050981.





Sadly 2B05/2A39 lasted just one Summer season, but in the Summer of 82 came the equally classic 2A98 1035 Stranraer – Ayr (load 5 Mk 1’s) returned emcars, but that’s another tale….


Ta to “GJ” for the gen and fascinating memories