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Kidderminster, May 2016

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10091645041r.jpgGCR gala Sep 2016, Much variety, much thrash all very enjoyable.

20051655019r.jpgSVR gala May 2016, Much variety, much thrash,very enjoyable few days.

07071692015n90039n037r.jpg0A06 feature, 0A06 one of 2016's more interesting local turns

23081626043.jpgSummer 2016 gala days, Gala and running day variety, 15 phots from here and there

14111637419ya.jpgOut East, Nov 2016, Phots and gen from 2 days mainly bashing 37's and 68's to Yarmouth and Lowerstoft. great fun!

27128687002b.jpgUp Scotland Dec 2016, Phots and gen from a quick leap to Glasgow for 87002 on 1M11

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