Bashing Reports 2014


Fort William, Oct 2014

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0902141015mar.jpgChiltern Champion I/II tours, Feb 2014, Phots and gen from an epic day behind 1015 plus 47773.

110214158752r.jpgUp Scotland, Feb 2014, Phots and gen from a short Scottish trip, includes an HST drag and more!

20041420048r.jpgEpping Ongar action, Apr 2014, Phots and gen from the day.

25051437259n423k.jpgLochalsh Highlander, April 2014, Phots and gen from 37259 and 37423's Crewe-Kyle mileage move.

12051487010n87029r.jpg87's out East, May 2014, Thanks to "Red Cow" for a cracking Bulgarian view of 87010 and 87029

12071425279ar.jpgGreat Central North diesel running, July 2014 , 25/47 action, phots and gen

29071426043br.jpgGlos-Warks diesel running action, July 2014 , 26043 fails, 24 and 73 action and phots

01081426038er.jpgSpa Valley gala, August 2014 , 26038 stars, phots and gen

16081425185kr.jpg25185 out West, Aug 2014, 25185 thrashing in style on Paignton-Kingswear line

22081447501tbr.jpg47501 and 47810 Dundee bound, August 2014 , 47501 storms North, phots and gen

20091433202r.jpgEpping - Ongar gala action, September 2014 , 33202 thrashing thru Essex!, Phots and gen

11101425173nwr.jpg25173 farewell thrash, October 2014 , 25173's last run on the Epping Ongar before a year long overhaul at Burton

17101467011fwr.jpgUp Scotland, October 2014 , Phots and gen incl archive 37111 view

07111425185n262r.jpgSouth Devon gala, November 2014 , Phots and gen of 25185 and 25262 star roles!

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