A “fish” on 1K09, December 1985


It was good to be back on the move after the Christmas routine of drink, food and

relations and a day’s “relief train” bashing was a good alternative to the “Sales”. On

arrival at Euston things looked good, a roarer was hovering on stock outside the Down

Carriage Shed, 2 more were on the “A sidings” engine line alongside platform 13 and

even better, 81004 then arrived with the 0615 Blackpool-Euston.


Checking the departure board at Euston, severe weather had seriously delayed some of

the Scottish sleepers and with Euston having to find power for several Down Xmas

reliefs things were looking good for roarer action! With 2 “fish” in 81004/81022

hovering I flagged 85018 on the Stranraer, 81’s were so much rarer to us! 81022 then

moved off, not to Willesden yard as feared, but dropped onto a mystery train on

platform 8 with passengers already on board.  

The long run from the loco end to the stops at Euston to check the train followed, 81022

was on 1K09 “The Crewe” a normal service train which rarely roared. A hurried

Crewe Saver ticket purchase then back aboard up front for the thrash.

“The Crewe” was an unusual train in it stopped at various lineside “shacks” like

Northampton and Tamworth not served by many Inter City trains. Being diagrammed

for an 87 on a Saturday the train rarely roared but with todays sleeper chaos Euston

kicked out 81022!


The weather improved as we headed North and despite the many stops the loco was

driven hard to produce the usual screams, roars, whines and ticks that class 81 emitted

at speed down the Trent. As we approached Crewe a Southbound sleeper passed us at

1300!, and at Crewe 81014 roared in with the very busy 1S39  0734 Poole -

Glasgow/Edinburgh. When doing Euston - Holyhead’s to Crewe on “roarers” from

Euston, Control often swapped your “old electric” for an 86 so it was good to see 81022

once uncoupled by the “man with the gloves”, simply run round to join the return



As listed below a procession of “roarers” crossed me heading North (81004/85007 and

81002) so Euston were still short of power. The return Crewe-Euston was very lightly

loaded making it all the more enjoyable.

Once back at Euston, it was farewell to 81022 and a pair of 310’s home



 28/12/85 Sat - selected gen and moves


078}                0825 M.Keynes-Euston                      L.Buzzard-Euston    


85018              1010 Euston-Stranraer rlf

81004              0615 Blackpool-Euston

81022              1K09 1025 Euston-Crewe                  Euston-Crewe (via Nor)

85012              0350 Euston-Bletchley

81014              0734 Poole-Glas/Edin

862xx              1930/2030 Inverness-Euston  (1320 ex Crewe)

81004              1115 Euston-Manchester

85007              1120 Euston-Liverpool rlf

81002              1135 Euston-Glasgow rlf

81022              1A42 1350  Crewe-Euston                 Crewe-Euston (via Nor)

075}                1702 Euston-Milton Keynes                    Euston - L.Buzzard



The “Crewe” Train details


1K09 1025 Euston - Crewe

1A42 1343 (M-F), 1350 (SO) Crewe-Euston


M-F booked for loco off 1A09 0727 Wolves-Euston (86’2)

SO - booked 87, off up sleeper


Euston 1025

Watford Jn 1041

M.Keynes 1104/5

Northampton 1119/21

Rugby 1144/5

Nuneaton 1200

Tamworth LL 1212/18

Lichfield TV 1227

Crewe 1308


Crewe 1350

Stafford 1411

Lichfield TV 1429

Tamworth LL 1438

Nuneaton 1451

Rugby 1508/1510

Northampton 1528

M.Keynes 1545

Watford Jn 1618

Euston 1639


These are Sat timings, approx 7 mins earlier Mon-Fri


1K09-1A42 ran May 85-May 87 only, 12 coach MK III set (with buffet)



 Phots from the day


28128585003r.jpg 85003 is spare at Euston A sidings on 281285


28128583009negr.jpg Recently reinstated diamond pan fitted 83009 arrives with emcars, 281285


28128581022neg1350cretr.jpg Going back!, 81022 runs round at Crewe, 281285


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