1G06 and friends remembered 1983-1984

Thanks to Trev Rolfe for the photos

Sundays quite often saw class 40 action into Birmingham New St in the early 80's with 1G06 1425 ex Manchester Piccadilly a regular producer of a whistling beast.

Other services also produced with 1G60 0825 Manchester - Birmingham another good producer. Add in the drags and Inter Regional traffic and Sundays were sometimes

a rewarding day to be in the West Midlands.

03078340129nsr.jpg 40129 rests at New St after working the legendary 1G06 on July 3rd 1983

24078340126r.jpg A few weeks later another split box machine in the train robbery machine 40126 arrives at Wolves on 1G06 on July 24th 1983

27088340135r.jpg Rare power for a diverted 1010 Euston - Aberystwyth with 40135 on Saturday August 28th 1983 the 40 working from Rugby via Nuneaton  to Aber!

28088340150r.jpg And it wasn't solid split box headcode 40's either! 40150 whistles into Wolves with 1G06 on August 28th 1983

17068440001r.jpg 40001 arrives at Wolves with 1G60 0825 Manchester - Birmingham NS on June 17th 1984

17068440104r.jpg 40104 eases towards New St tunnels light engine after working 1G06 on June 17th 1984

08088440192r.jpg 1D90 the regular 0925 Birmingham - Llandudno Additional produced many 40's too, albeit during the week. 40192 obliges on August 8th 1984

            The G06/G60 tradition finally ended in the last week of regular class 40 fleet activity. 40044 working 1G60 0825 Manchester - Birmingham New St on Sunday

January 20th 1985. The steaming 40 then worked 1E08 1616 Birmingham - York. The very end saw 40012 off a tour the previous day work 1E08 on January 27th

ending a long tradition of New St 40's. 40145's occasional railtour workings through New St does help bring back those happy early 1980's memories, long may it continue!


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