1F90,  0700 Euston - Liverpool Relief, Summer 1984


The Liverpool Garden festival wasn't really an event that generated much interest  from  most enthusiasts. What was of interest to us was that an evening Liverpool - Euston relief ran most Saturdays as 1A99 1930 Liverpool - Euston via the West Midlands also calling at MK and Watford Jn. Formed of Mk I's we hoped for much class 81-85 haulage on it but class 86's were dominant on 1A99.


1F90  aka "the Flower power" left Euston each Sunday morning at 0700 calling at MK 0750 then going via the West Midlands to arrive in Liverpool around 1200 subject to engineering work en route. Normally an elderly Mk I rake (load 10) 1F90 was to see at least class 25, 37,40,45,47,85 and 86 haulage. A class 31 nearly featured on a booked 1F90 drag from Euston but the juice was restored early so no drag was needed. Locally both 25051 and 25313 featured along with a good few class 85's which were always rarer on Sunday mornings.

1F90 generally ran pretty empty as far as Birmingham although loads swelled with the likes of 37278 and 40044 on the train!


 W1 STN entry for 1F90


 W2 STN entry for 1F90



The train ran from May 2nd - October 14th 1984 and a known workings list is shown below. Any gap fillers very welcome.  






1F90 remembered


06/05/84 Su     85021 Euston-New St (via Northampton), 86233 forward via Duddeston/BS.


13/05/84 Su     85008 ex Euston, 25313 dragged Northampton-Coventry via wrong line over Rugby flyover.


27/05/84          Su       86248 ex Euston


17/06/84 Su     86246 Euston-New St  (via Northampton),  New St-Stafford,  47444 Nuneaton-New St, 45134 ex Stafford.


24/06/84          Su       85031 ex Euston, 47515 Nuneaton-New St


1/07/84 Su       86217 ex Euston, 37278 Rugby-New St via Nuneaton


 37278 backs onto 86217 on 1F90 at Rugby, 010784


8/07/84 Su       40058 ex Rugby, 1F90 started from Rugby


15/07/84 Su     47286 ex Rugby, 1F90 started from Rugby


29/07/84          Su       85017 ex Euston, 25051 dragged Bletchley-Rugby


   An empty platform greets 25051 dragging 85017 on 1F90 at Milton Keynes, 290784


5/08/84            Su        85020 ex Euston


12/08/84          Su       86323 ex Euston


19/08/84          Su       85012 ex Euston


26/08/84          Su       86323 ex Euston, 45117 ex New St


2/09/84            Su        86204 Euston-New St, 86001 ex New St


9/09/84            Su        85005 Euston-New St, 47404 ex New St


16/09/84          Su       47224 ex Nuneaton


23/09/84          Su       47369 ex Nuneaton


30/09/84 Su     85029  ex Euston, 47483 ex Nuneaton


07/10/84 Su     86231 ex Euston, 47480 ex Nuneaton


Any further gen/corrections appreciated.


1F90 gone but not forgotten...


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