Bashing Reports 1989


Wick loco hauled finale, Jan 89

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14018937421wickrScottish rover, Jan 89, Sampling last loco haulage on many lines, thanks to "TC".

21058958050lur.jpgThe Inter Cty Deisel Day, May 21st 1989 , A feast of power on the Midland, memories and many phots

11088920159n200451447crdeeutr.jpgAugust 1989 moves - Class 20 on many Derby - Crewe's , Phots, detailed gen incl some long closed Etruria leaps and phots

81013210889lwweb.jpgChasing "roarers" and other beasts, August 1989 , Phots, memories, detailed gen incl some serious bowl outs!

18128350047r.jpgChasing "vacs", Jason Hall's last desperate year, 1989

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