Bashing Reports, 1986


33063, April 86

21088627052rDay trip to Kirkcaldy, Sep 1986, Chasing 26/27's on the Circuit and Kircaldies, plus much roarer mileage too

12058681020b09negwebChasing Roarers May - June 86, New timetable diagram changes, bowl outs, roaring throught the night and more>

12038885021rAny Roarers out?, Apr 86, An April Saturday in 1986, would anything roar???.

30088647313r.jpg A last East Mids, Aug86, Memorable "East Mids" August 86 moves with 2 phots too, Thanks to Jason Hall

21028681022rGone "Fishing", Feb 86, Chasing class 81 (fish) here and there in the snow.

22028626024rScotland, Feb 86, A day trip to Scotland, 22nd Feb 1986 thanks to Trev Rolfe.

19048633063r.jpgA day on the "Cromptons", April 86 , Crompton moves aplenty!

30048533102rArea C, May 86, Classic Crompton bashing, ta to "the Axeman"!

09128837428r.jpg Commuter variety 1986-2013, Detailed commuter moves when local loco haulage offered choice plus some memorable photos to, Thanks to Jason Hall

21088627052r2 week Scottish, July 86, 15 consecutive overnights by the "Axeman"

01111347580.jpg Cambridge line rush hour Nov 86, Detailed rush hour gen from Tottenham Hale in Nov 86, 17 locos in pre electrification happier times

25118350018r.jpg 1V01 remembered, Cracking memories of 1V01 0140 Waterloo - Exeter/Yeovil, Thanks to Jason Hall

181085330081205cfpor.jpg NSE day, Sep 86, The second NSE go anywhere day. 81012 on a relief to Hove, many Cromptons and much more. Moves and gen from September 13th 1986

22118633101n1171150saliswatwebr.jpg NSE day, Nov 86, Chasing Cromptons by day and night, November 22nd 1986

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