Bashing Reports 1982


Classic Llandudno, 40177 is out, July 82

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23128245017web.jpgXmas reliefs, Padd Dec 23rd 1982 Detailed gen and many phots of the 15 reliefs in and out of Padd that pre Xmas day, includes a steaming 45017!

09018247247web.jpgThrough the snow, Jan 82 Rare workings throught the heavy Brum snow, Jan 82. Gen and snowy phots!

14088225190n2070740etnabbwebr.jpgOn the Mid, Aug 82 Chasing type 2's and "nb's" across the Midlands. Gen, memories and loads of phots

24078240177r.jpgLeeds and beyond, July 82, thanks to "MIB" Epic write up of table 26 and 39 moves in Yorkshire, thanks to "MIB" for the memories closed

13028276008r.jpgReddish (9C) depot memories, thanks to Trev Rolfe , Phots of class 76's in Feb 82, 6 months after Woodhead closed

26020047784r.jpgMay 82 Steam heat variety out of Liverpool St , 37041 and much more, plus for contrast 47784 to MK moves in Feb 2000

290582271090840iarScottish rover, May 82, Chasing sulzers mainly with Pope John Paul in town too

23068226031n26033rScotland, June 82, 26's in the Highlands and more, - thanks to Trev Rolfe

04048525245r.jpgChester variety 1982-2013 , Phots of Chester's varied power over the years

280784450650855neqmanr.jpgLast Interegional peaks, May 82 , Detailed report of the last "peak" action on "proper" NE/SW trains, ta to Dave Spencer

24078240177rNorth Wales Coast, July 82 , 40's and more 40's

20088240181rOn the Coast, Aug 82 , Chasing 25's, 40's and 47's on the North Wales coast

181182471161135kllsweb.jpgAnglia and Oxted leaps, November 18th 1982 Detailed gen,memories and phots of Table 22 followed by an Oxted Crompton bash

181182314131235lsklweb.jpgAnglia Day moves,Autumn 82 TC's detailed gen of many leaps to Anglia in the Autumn of 82

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